The four most popular roofing products

Last Updated on November 4, 2021 by Kravelv

So you are going to a new house or fixing your home sweet home’s roof? The numerous varieties and an utter number of roofing products available in the local market can be mind boggling. Still, all is not lost with proper information and product knowledge you can make the right choice for roofing materials.

The following article is a detailed research to help you make a roof which not only fills the purpose of being the roof but is also cost effective without compromising on the aesthetics. Here’s our ‘Top Four Roofing Products”.

Concrete Roof

The countdown begins with the newly trending concrete tiles; these are most easily to be found in the market. Once just used in the pathways and driveways, the concrete tiles have swiftly gained popularity for being effective tops as well. Being in vogue doesn’t make them any less effective. Their durability and robustness are comparable to that of clay tiles. Capable of impersonating high-end roofing materials it is the most adaptable material available in the present day market. They also lack the structural risks connected with the clay tiles courtesy their heavy weight.

Concrete tiles also win when it comes to keeping the maintenance costs as low as possible; they are not prone to water damage, decay, disintegration, blaze or insect attack. All we need to do is to occasionally hose to get rid of dirt or any accumulated debris. Energy effective? That depends on the type of coating used in manufacturing, but yes they will save you money on energy costs in contrast with asphalt shingles. The only complaints received against the earlier versions are wearing off of color and minor breakages however new and improved methods of manufacturing have addressed these issues largely eliminating them.

Overlays and UV Barriers

It’s always good to have some protection against the harmful rays of the sun, be it protecting your body or having the state of the art roofing to protect your furniture and subtle valuables. Technology is having its way developing cool coatings for roofs. Ceramic based paints, Elastomeric sealants, and foam sprays are applied to cool the existing roof tops. Another latest method for coating over conventional tar and asphalt roof tops is ‘Built up Roofing” (BUR). When going for cooling down your roof and creating a barrier for UV rays the most important thing to consider the climate of the region, for example, the same coating material which is highly effective in the Middle East may give totally different results in Malaysia.

Synthetic Slate

If you are in love with the traditional, European-type modern and beautiful home designs then the ideal option for your home is the “Synthetic Slate Roofing”. Synthetic slates come in different materials, could be made of clay tiles, rubber, steel and plastic polymers, each material manufactured to simulate the look of natural slate. The type of material and brand also affects the durability of the synthetic slate. The ratings for energy efficiency would also vary with the brand you choose. In a nutshell, when going for synthetic slate you got to perform a nice market research before choosing any one, of course keeping in view your budget also.

Clay Tiles

Clay Tiles are a perfect blend of class and style. Perfect match for those who crave Europe’s classic architecture, adding some romantic flair to your house. Generally, it is associated with Mediterranean-inspired homes but nevertheless a great option for residential buildings. Having talked about the beauty, clay tiles leave everyone behind when it comes to durability; now be it the insect attack, persistent bad weather or high moisture levels in the air they are no match for the clay tiled roof. The rating agencies put the life expectancy of clay tiled roof over one hundred years. Clay tiles outlive every other part of the roof. They are natural thermal resistant, and if properly installed they become sort of green, energy efficient roof tops for your house. Drawbacks of the Clay tiles are that their high durability makes them really heavy, his entails that you are going to invest in additional reinforcement to make your roof bear them.

If you are facing problems while repairing your roof then you really need to contact professional roofing contractors in brownstown Michigan for assistance. Having summed up for you the four most popular residential roofing products, you are all set to make your choice. Good luck!

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