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5 Tips to Increase the Price of your Property

Are you putting your house up for sale? Thinking about ways to get the price you want for it?

When putting a house on show people often forget about the small details that play a big part in a buyer’s decision-making process. Follow our 5 often-overlooked tips to increase your chances of getting your asking price.

1) First impressions

The first impression counts. The buyer already has a pre-conceived notion of the house from its outside appearance. You want them to think positively before they step inside.

Cultivate an outdoor environment that is appealing to buyers so that they feel welcomed. A handy tip is to open the curtains so that when the buyers walk up to the house they feel as if they are being invited in.

Mow your lawn and trim your hedges so that it is presentable. You may want to consider re painting old window frames and doors to rejuvenate it. In a buyer’s mind the outside is indictive of the inside so be sure to do everything you can to spruce it up.

2) Ambience

An hour before the viewing get rid of any unwanted smells by taking out the rubbish and consider setting candles or diffusers so that the potential buyers are greeted to a welcoming fragrance.

You also want to make the potential buyers feel comfortable and to do this ensure that the temperature of the house is adjusted to the season you are viewing it in. If it is hot outside then crack open a window or if you have AC then turn it on an hour prior. If its cold outside then ensure you have the heat on but be careful not to have the house too hot as you don’t want the buyers to feel uncomfortable when looking around.

3) Clutter

Clutter around the house can make your house seem claustrophobic and smaller than it really is. For a lot of buyers, space is a key factor when considering purchasing a house as they often have families or visualise having a family.

Anything that does not need to be out put it away or out the way. Be sure not to overlook little bits and bobs like the TV remote, put them on the table or on the TV stand. You want to create as much space as you can especially if you are having an open house viewing because you don’t know how many people will be in attendance. Decluttering your home is essential before putting your property on the market.

4) Garage

We are all guilty of dumping unwanted stuff in the garage and “promising” ourselves we’ll deal with it later. As a result, the garage is quite often a mess because it’s out of sight which means it’s out of mind.

Do not make the mistake of overlooking the garage as it is a part of the house and just as important. Take everything out the garage so that you can see everything in front of you. This will make it easier when you are deciding what to keep and what to throw out.

Once everything is out be sure to dust the garage and clean off any cobwebs you may come across. After deciding what you want to keep put it back neatly and in one place so that you buyers can see the entirety of the garage.

5) Attention to detail

When you are selling your house, you are often worried about making sure the entirety of the house is clean that you often forgot about the small details that can make a big difference.

Look around the house for the small details that you can change or clean. These include making sure you have new and clean bed fittings on and having clean towels in the bathroom. If you have any kids make sure that the toys are put away in the playroom neatly. If you notice any cracks in the walls, consider repainting them.


Follow our 5 tips to increase the price of your property. Make buyers feel welcome and comfortable. Offer refreshments and talk to them. By doing something as simple as this can make a world of difference.


Author Bio:

Sulemaan is a digital marketer at TidChoice, a cleaning service platform based in London, UK. Sulemaan writes extensively about cleaning tips and tricks as well as best practice. You can find more cleaning tips and tricks on the TidyChoice blog.

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