5 Reasons Steel Siding Could Be the Best Pick for Your Home

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There are a lot of siding options out on the market today, each with its own advantages and limitations. Like any homeowner, you want to get the best one for your needs: a siding option that checks off all the right boxes.

Of all the siding options available today, steel siding has many advantages that homeowners often aren’t aware of. Below are the top five reasons why steel siding could be the all-around best pick for your home.

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Reason 1: Steel siding is durable and long-lasting. Steel can withstand impact better than all other siding materials. This makes it particularly suitable for homes in areas prone to hail and strong winds. Even with all that abuse, steel siding can last at least 20 years with minimal maintenance.

Reason 2: Steel siding is rot-, pest- and fire-resistant. Steel siding is inorganic and therefore naturally resistant to decay. Rodents and insects aren’t a problem, because they cannot penetrate it. As for fire resistance, steel siding has a melting point of around 2,500°F so it is unlikely to melt even in a house fire!

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Reason 3: Steel siding is easy to maintain. On top of the protection steel siding can offer, the material itself is easy to care for. Its durability means that dings and dents are rarely a problem, and its finish doesn’t need careful upkeep. Fade-resistant colors and finishes can be expected to last the life of the siding.

In the event of dirt buildup, cleaning can be easily accomplished with a power washer or a scrub brush and soapy water.

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Reason 4: Steel siding is good for the environment. About 25% of the material used to make steel siding is recycled content. What’s more, at the end of its service life, steel siding is 100% recyclable so it doesn’t contribute to landfill waste.

Reason 5: Steel siding comes in a range of colors, textures and finishes. Siding does double duty in that it protects your home and enhances its curb appeal at the same time. With the range of colors, textures, and finishes available, it can mimic nearly any kind of surface imaginable. Whether you want a simple, clean finish to complement a modern home or the classic feel of wood to match more traditional architecture, you’ll find a steel siding product that will suit your preference.

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If you’re looking for a seamless blend of form and function for your home, you can’t go wrong with steel siding. For best results and to make sure you get the most out of your steel siding, choose the right siding nailer or work only with a reputable local contractor.


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