Select A Gazebo Design Style That Accommodates Your Planned Uses

Last Updated on November 4, 2021 by Kravelv

A gazebo is a wonderful enhancement for any yard or garden and will provide you with many years of pleasurable use.   Gazebos come in a wide array of materials, sizes, shapes and designs.  Choosing the best gazebo structure for your yard will depend on where and for what you plan to use it. It will also depend on whether you plan to build it yourself, buy one already constructed and ready to set in place, or have one constructed for you.  Regardless of which way you plan to acquire yours, first it helps to know the basic different design styles of gazebos.

The Eight-Sided Gazebo is Always Classic

When people picture a gazebo, the eight-sided permanent gazebo style is what they think of most.  This classic octagonal shape makes the gazebo symmetrical when viewed from any angle, which contributes to its beauty as a garden focal point.  The octagon works whether centered in the garden, placed off to the side, or hidden away in the back of the yard.  Typically raised off the ground when installed, this extra elevation adds to its views from its interior.  A variation on this style is the six-side structure.

gazebo design1

Add a Patio Gazebo

A patio gazebo may sit on a patio, be fixed to the floor, or (if building a new patio) be incorporated into the patio’s design from the beginning.  The metal gazebo frame is bolted to the patio or affixed by drilling holes into it and cementing its metal or wooden poles into those holes.  Pop-ups can simple sit on the patio’s surface.

An Open or Closed Spa Gazebo

Hot tubs are extremely popular and placing yours in a gazebo is not only fashionable, it provide protection from the weather as well as increased privacy.  In urban and crowded suburban areas, this is a definite benefit.   There are two basic types: closed and open.  With an open gazebo, you can gaze at the stars as you soak.  This is a plus in areas with a dry climate most of the year.  Where there is a lot of rainfall, however, a closed one is probably more appropriate.  It also provides more privacy.   If you already have a hot or spa tub, it is simple to find a gazebo kit from which to build one around it.  When installing from scratch, red cedar is the material of choice.

A Three-Season Gazebo is Closed In by Screens and Windows

Any size or shape structure with any number of sides can become a three season gazebo.   With screens and windows built into it you can use it regardless of the seasons.   In warm weather you simply remove the windows and use only the screens.  The screens keep all annoying pests out while allowing the breeze and the view in. When the weather turns chilly, put the windows back it.  These gazebos also allow you the greatest freedom to decorate and customize the inside because your furnishings will be protected from the elements.

A Lattice Gazebo Creates a Garden Hide Away

A gazebo with walls consisting of strips of metal, plastic or wood crossed in diamond or square formations   provide a shady interior and a support of climbing plants that will add to it over time.  Such a garden hide-away creates a flowering space unlike any other.

gazebo design2

The most important consideration when selecting your gazebo’s style is whether it will fit with the style of your house and the other existing structures on your property.  If they don’t blend together, even the most beautiful gazebo will look out of place.

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