5 Myths You Probably Still Believe About Outdoor Fountains

Last Updated on April 12, 2022 by Kravelv

Are you one of those people who believe that fountains are for large estates and mansions? Well, this isn’t the case. An outdoor fountain is an amazing addition to your outdoor space. These come in a range of sizes and design to match any outdoor space. You have to understand the common myths about fountains to realize that you can actually get this amazing addition to your property.

Myth 1: Yard too small

Do you live in a townhome or a row house? Perhaps you have always believed that your yard is too small for a fountain. Truth is, there’s a pond fountain to fit any available space in your yard. A reputable supplier will have a range from which to select one to fit in your yard. You can get a small fountain to fit in the corner of your small yard. Perhaps you should consider one near the patio to leave the other space in the yard open for use.

The trick to having a fountain in a small yard is to seek services of a professional to guide you in selecting the ideal fountain. This requires considering the size of the fountain and the available area in the yard. It allows determining the possible area the fountain is to eat up. You will end up with the most appropriate fountain that won’t take up all the space in your yard.

Myth 2: Limited fountain options

There are various types of fountains to suit anyone’s requirements. If you prefer a traditional style fountain, these come in multiple styles and are readily available. You can as well get a contemporary design fountain in options including rolling sphere, copper, and mascot. These have to be fitted with the best fountains pumps for optimized performance. The fountain options come with varying requirements including power and water source.

Fountains can be hardwired to a power source, use solar, or a battery. This allows selecting a fountain with the most comfortable power source without hiking the energy bill. Solar-powered fountains don’t require electrical wiring and significantly lower the energy bill. A fountain requires a water source connected by pipes for steady flow. This requires an appropriate recirculating pump to pass water through a filtering system before moving it back into the fountain.

Myth 3: It is hard to get a fountain

You can have a fountain even without a backyard. A rolling sphere or wall fountain can be placed on the patio. A wall fountain still can fit on a deck or concrete space. Perhaps you live in a condo or apartment. You can have a custom-made fountain to liven up your available space.  It is not true that you need a grassy area to get a fountain. When renting, ask the landlord or property manager for permission regarding installing a fountain. You can opt for a temporary fountain without hardwiring and plumbing.

Myth 4:  Fountains are for the rich

Some fountains cost hundreds of dollars but those are the large and stately ones. There are various affordable fountains from reputable suppliers. You just have to work with a professional to help you pick an affordable fountain. Ensure to think outside the box when looking at a fountain including thinking about less ornate fountains that fit your budget.

Myth 5:  Fountains distort outdoor décor

It is possible to find a fountain matching your outdoor décor. A great fountain will become the focal point in your outdoor space transforming it significantly. You have to choose a fountain that fits your outdoor space and matching the surrounding décor. Perhaps you have a bench, shrubbery, or flowers near the pond. You can work with a landscape specialist to give you ideas on matching your fountain to your outdoor space. This will allow getting a fountain fitting your space and outdoor theme.


Let nothing stop you from getting a fountain in your outdoor space. Perhaps understanding the myths above has dispelled hesitations you have been having about getting a fountain. Ensure to work with a professional to help you select a fountain to meet your space and outdoor theme. A fountain that will work efficiently for years to come should be matched with a quality pump for optimized performance.

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