How To Select The Perfect Mower For Your Yard Size

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Keeping your lawn under control can be a real mission, however, the appearance, and value, of your property is at stake. This means you want to be as diligent as possible. By selecting the right mower for your yard, whether it be big or small, you will have already won half the battle.

Cheap And Easy Solutions For A Small Yard

If you only have a notebook-sized yard, then it’s not really worth investing too much into your mower. If you have the stamina for it, a manual mower can do the job. This classic machine spins metal blades as you push it, no motor needed. The great thing is that they are cheap (usually around $100), require little maintenance, and are extremely hard to break.

Another cheap ($200-400 ish) and simple option, but with an engine this time, is an electric mower. They are super easy to use, just turn the switch and start mowing, no gas required. The major decision being do you want a corded or cordless model. If you’re going to be meandering around trees and shrubs, then select one without the pesky cord. Just remember, these require battery power to run, so make sure they are fully charged so that you don’t end up with a half cut lawn.

Gas Push Mowers For Greater Power

For yards the next size up, you really want to turn to gas power. Push models are cost effective and powerful enough to remove difficult weeds and overgrown grass. However, they will still give you a bit of a workout, and may not be ideal for everyone. Consider your physical fitness and motivation levels. Also, consider the difficulties you may experience in the hot summer months. If you’re not scared of a bit of hard work, then this type of mower is perfect for you.

Self Propelled Machines

Now we are talking! These machines won’t require any push as their drivetrain will propel them along with ease. You will find that they can easily go up and downhill, and corner efficiently. Just remember, you will want to set the mower to the correct speed so that it matches your walking pace.

These machines are good for people with medium sized yards who don’t want the hard work of a push mower, especially if there are any elevation changes present. They may cost slightly more, at around $300-$800, but the extra power will be worth it.

Ride On Options For Vast Expanses

Let’s face it if you have a big yard you need a real machine to mow it. A ride-on option is the best choice. There are many affordable mini versions, which are small enough to maneuver through tight areas, but fast and powerful enough to easily maintain large lawns. If you have at least $1000 to invest, then purchasing a mini ride-on mower is an excellent decision.

For lawns that are more like paddocks, you may want to invest in a lawn tractor. These are serious beasts that can make short work of your grass. Riding them can be especially fun as they fly over obstacles and up hills. However, they don’t come cheap, usually $1,000-$5,000.

The final option, and most expensive, is a zero-radius-turning mower. These machines, as their name suggests, can turn instantly, no matter how sharp the corner, or challenging the obstacle. These highly maneuverable ride-on mowers can set you back around $10,000, which makes them an expensive luxury for most people.

Consider Your Budget

So, you obviously know your yard size, but what about your budget. There is no point purchasing a machine that you really can’t afford, but you also don’t want to underpay and end up with a mower that is just not suitable for you. Work out your budget, whether it is $100 or $10,000. This will be a good starting point to help in your decision. Remember, you don’t have to get a brand-new mower. Second-hand models can still function extremely well, at a fraction of the cost.

Good Luck With Your Selection

Keeping on top of your yard is a tough job for anyone, especially with all of the life’s other demands getting in the way. However, it is extremely important for both visual and practical reasons, not to mention its overall effect on the value of your property. By selecting the right mower for the job, you will find the task so much easier.


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