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5 Design Mistakes to Avoid in Your Bathroom

It’s so easy to get it wrong when faced with a bathroom remodel, or even a simple bathroom makeover. Bathrooms, whether big or small, should always be well thought out and carefully located, and should function with multiple users in mind. How can you make sure to get the right design for your lifestyle, avoid breaking the bank by staying within your budget and maximize and use space efficiently? Here are some mistakes to avoid when designing a bathroom to help make the process a pleasant and one to remember.

  1. Lack of View

A bathroom is ultimately a space to relax and escape and therefore it’s no fun spending time in a space that is dark and damp with bad circulation. When building or relocating a bathroom, try to site it on an outside wall with windows to let in light and provide ventilation especially when mechanical ventilation isn’t possible. If windows are not an option, a skylight is a wonderful way to take advantage of natural light when there is lack of space for windows on exterior walls. Skylights offer privacy and also serve as a design feature for a more elegant and modern feel.

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  1. Lack of Ventilation

There is nothing quite as terrifying as finding black specks of mould marching up your bathroom walls and ceiling. This usually happens when there isn’t proper ventilation and it is very unhygienic for users. Having adequate ventilation is essential and expelling moisture should be the number one priority in any bathroom for it to be an inviting space.

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Even if you have good openable windows, an exhaust fan is still required to extract the steam. If your bathroom is equipped with an exhaust fan, make it a point to frequently clean the fan vents so it’s always working at its optimum.

  1. Making Lighting an Afterthought

Lighting is crucial to how well your space functions as well as how great it looks. Too often, lighting a bathroom is low on the list of priorities as compared to other rooms in the house. With bathrooms becoming more elaborate, it’s important to cater for daily activities such as applying make-up, waxing and shaving. Plan your lighting scheme from the outset – the choice of lighting and where it is positioned. Choose wisely and blend efficient task lighting targeted over specific area such as mirrors. Creating different lighting scenes with bright light in the area where you get ready in the morning, while soft lighting works well for an evening relaxed soak in the tub. When it comes to bathroom design, it’s all about achieving balance that you desire.

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  1. Lack of Storage

One of the biggest bathroom design mistakes and often neglected is storage. Making use of every available space in the bathroom is essential when everything seems to be so compact and unorganized. There are plenty of smart storage options available for all sizes of bathrooms to cater for every member of the family. Adding a custom made cabinet not only assist in creating a little extra storage, but also brings a visual appeal.

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Built-in cabinets under the sink, a mounted cabinet above the door, extended bathtub storage, fit-in closet storage all make a huge difference and essential storage for medicine, products, soaps, towel other toiletries. Alternatively, mirror cabinets rather than just wall mirrors are wonderful as they allow for extra storage while offering a clean and uncluttered look.

  1. Selecting the Wrong tiles

Another common mistake in bathroom design is choosing the wrong wall and floor tiles that have your bathroom looking shoddy. The first thing to do is to consider the style you wish to create in your bathroom. For example, if you have a contemporary home; ensure that this mood and feel flows through to your bathroom. Tiles come in all shapes, sizes and colours but tend to mellow as the years go by. Select material that looks better with age, for instance, natural stone has a lovely timeless appearance that exudes luxury and elegance.

Fresh Design Pedia (http://www.freshdesignpedia.com/bathroom/wall-tiles-in-the-bathroom-making-it-to-a-welcoming-place.html)

Make sure you coordinate between the tiles on your wall and those on the floor to ensure a complementing look. The colour selection of grout is also vital when it comes to bathroom renovation. For the best results, match the grout colour as closely as possible to your tile colour, and also minimize the grout width to as little as possible.


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