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4 Signs of a Failing Window and What to Do About Them

As with most exterior home components, your windows are exposed to the harsh elements day in and day out. Over time, the constant exposure to extreme sunlight, heavy rainfall or hail impact can take its toll on your windows, creating issues that may directly influence your home’s look and feel and not in the best of ways. For this reason, it pays to walk around your home and regularly check on your window’s current condition.

If any of your windows show the following indications of failure, you should consider turning to a trusted window company for the necessary solutions.

#1. Broken Framing Material

Given how window frames provide essential support for your windows, it goes without saying that the framing material should always remain intact. If your window frames have sustained damage, whether due to age or as a result of the harsh weather, they could compromise the entire window’s structural integrity and performance. Extensive moisture damage, for one thing, can weaken the material. This is particularly prevalent in wood-based windows, which are prone to mold and rot. Window frames may also contract and expand when exposed to extreme thermal changes. On the other hand, if your windows are broken, besides affecting function and longevity, it can decrease curb appeal.

#2. Recurring Drafts

Windows let in air and light, but they’re also responsible for keeping your home warm and comfortable during colder months. When they start failing due to damage, they’ll lose their insulating value and allow drafts to enter your home. Air leakage can compromise thermal stability in your rooms, creating cold spots that your heating system will work overtime to rectify. Additionally, failing window insulation also allows for greater noise transfer. You’ll want to deal with this issue promptly to maintain a quiet, serene home environment.

#3. Increased Energy Costs

Broken window frames and failing seals lead to air leakage, allowing for uncomfortable indoor temperature and increased levels of moisture. This doesn’t just encourage the growth of mold and mildew, it also results in higher energy consumption because your HVAC system will work harder to keep a stable temperature in your rooms. If you want to retain your home’s energy efficiency, you should consider turning to a premier window contractor for the appropriate solutions.

#4. Difficulties in Operation

Failing windows may be prone to jamming or sticking, which makes them harder to operate. This may be caused by balance issues or even damage to hinges or hardware. When you can’t open or close a window properly, they may become a safety and security hazard. For this reason, you should consider equipping them with newer, more durable hardware or having them repaired. If these potential solutions don’t cut it, you can also invest in a better and a more permanent solution,  i.e., window replacement.

Why Window Replacement is Your Best Option

While you can invest in repair work, this only offers a temporary fix compared to the longer-lasting performance that you’ll get from a high-quality window replacement. This allows you to save more money over the long term and enjoy other excellent benefits, including:

Deal with failing windows by investing in a high-quality replacement. Just make sure to choose the right contractor for the job. As the project involves significant time and money, it pays to hire someone who can ensure the work goes without a hitch. Do a bit of research, and look for a local window expert who is licensed, experienced, insured and certified. With a reasonable amount of due diligence, you’ll be good to go.


Author Bio:

Andy Stellpflug is the owner of Renewal by Andersen of Wyoming, a premier window company known for delivering superior workmanship and customer excellence. He has worked in the window business since 2004 and has continued to grow his business skills to acquire a reputation as being honest, fair and hardworking. He is dedicated to his customers and his staff, seeing each job through to completion with a focus on customer satisfaction and exemplary service. Catch more of Andy’s updates through the company blog.


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