4 Proper Ways to Store Your Collectibles

Last Updated on March 5, 2022 by Kravelv

Some people might consider it a hobby, while others consider it to be a serious business but, collecting things is a pastime that can be real fun. There are two different types of collectors. We have people who collect items casually- most often those items hold some meaning to them, and remind them of significant events in their lives.

The other type are serious collectors – they usually collect only one type of items. The latter are trying to improve their collection every day, and know exactly how much every item in their collection costs. But, no matter what the reason behind your collection is, you should always store it properly. This way you will make sure that your collection is secure. Here are some of the ways you can improve the way you store your items.

proper ways to store your collectibles1

Avoid humidity

If you collect certain kind of items, they obviously have some meaning to you. It doesn’t matter if you collect movies, wallpapers, comic books or sports team memorabilia – you always want them to last. Humidity is one the worst things that can happen to your collection. It doesn’t matter if you collect cars, books or art, if your home is in a climate that has high percentage of humidity (or your home itself gets very humid), consider having your collection stored someplace else. You could look into some professional storage options, as they might be able to help you. Or, if you like keeping your collectibles close to you, try using silica gel packets. These can sometimes help lower the humidity.

Rotate your collection

If you own a big collection you probably like showing it to your friends and family. Think about rotating the whole collection. Rotate the items seasonally, or in a way that they complement your decor. If you want to keep them safe while not on display, simply store them somewhere else. This way they are free from dust, sunlight and are all together in one place. If you wish to rotate your items, you should consider proper mobile storage. Professionals guarantee that this is the safest your collection can be. Also, you can have it delivered to you quickly when you wish to rotate your collection.

proper ways to store your collectibles2

Keep an inventory

It doesn’t matter whether you keep your items in your house, or in a storage room someplace else. Always keep an inventory of all items in your collection and update it regularly. If you have collections at several places, have that many inventories. It is important to know the location of all items as well. Storing them in lettered boxes can make keeping inventory easy. Just have an inventory for each box and make sure to keep track – see what works best for you. Also, having a neat inventory can also help you when it comes to insuring your collection.


Everybody likes keeping their collections safe and protected when in storage. Try to use packing products that don’t contain any chemicals. Tissue paper supplies usually contain acid, which can damage any fabric or textile in your collection – especially clothes, dolls or furniture. Invest some time in researching the packing products before you put your valuable collection in one. This way you will know for sure that it won’t damage your items. Try using sealed containers when storing your things. This will keep dust away, prevent moisture and stop insects or pests from harming it.

proper ways to store your collectibles3

It doesn’t matter if you are going to store your items in your house or storage. Always do everything you can to store them properly, and ensure that they are safe and protected. This will make your collection last longer and prevent any potential damage.

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