Why Is the G8-900 LED Grow Light Stealing the Show?

Last Updated on March 7, 2022 by Kravelv

Growing plants indoors is becoming extremely popular and so are G8LED™ grow lights. The G8-900 Veg/Flower grow light from G8LED™ was selected as the LED Grow Light of the Year for 2016 by High Times Magazine. High Times Magazine is the most widely read cannabis publication for over 40 years since the first issue was printed in 1974. They honored G8LED™ once again for their superb grow light technology and awarded the G8-900 LED grow light.

Those who have the passion and love for growing their own fresh and green plants are starting their growing garden with G8LED™ grow lights from Dorm Grow LED. Why is G8-900 LED grow light so popular? The G8LED™ is a high quality grow light system that produces bountiful yields in plants. Large harvests and quality product is what all growers desire and the G8-900 delivers!
900 Watt LED Grow Light Replace 1400 Watt MH HPS System Dorm Grow

For a successful indoor garden with robust yields, all the factors of outside growing must be replicated starting with the most important – the energy source coming from the sun. If you do not have the correct light your plants will not thrive, even if you provide everything else for them. Choose the right space, decide on the quantity of the plant/herbs you intend to grow, and then choose your light.

LEDs have made great advances in the indoor growing sector. From small indoor growing places to commercial growing setups, people all over are starting to reap the benefits of growing indoors with LED grow lights. The G8-900 LED grow light has won numerous awards for its design and performance for indoor growing so we decided to give you an insight into this light emitting diode and its high-quality performance.

G8-900 LED Grow Light

The G8-900 Veg/Flower light by G8LED™ is a powerful indoor growing machine. This super grow light has the growing power of 1200watts of HID lighting while only using 540watts of power. The G8-900 uses G8LED™ Technology to produce high-quality buds while operating at low temperatures.

This flagship grows light covers 24 square feet or more of growing space. Eight built-in fans make indoor temperature control easy all the while saving a tremendous amount on the monthly electrical bill.  The light outputs the optimal 8-bands of PAR, UV, IR and 6000K spectrum. The light can be operated in 110-240VAC environments, which makes it suitable for use around the globe and requires only 4.4Amps of service at 110V or 2.2Amps of service 220V.

Significant Features

The G8LED™ G8-900 LED grow light has the following features required for optimal growth and flowering:

  • Minimum coverage of 24sq. ft. (6’ x4’)
  • An optimal indoor growing spectrum of 8-band PAR plus UV, IR, and 6000K Spectrum.
  • Actual power draw is 540W
  • Cross-coverage of light increase total grow area when multiple lights are used
  • 15 years of lifespan (50,000 Hours)
  • Runs on 110-240VAC current
  • 8 quiet running ventilation fan mounted on top
  • Minimal heat output


Performance of G8LED™ grow Light

The G8-900 Veg/Flower light is the largest and most intense full spectrum LED grow light from their line of LEDs. It is designed for indoor professional growers who desire to manage both vegetative and flowering process under one light. The light has a fixed spectrum so that the user does not need to interfere or adjust the light during the various growing cycles. Check out the best led grow light page for more information and performance reviews.

For top flowering, two 90W G8 Red Flower Boosters are added to increase the size and growth of flowers. With the G8-900 you will not need ballasts, heavy cooling systems, hoods or reflectors- it comes with a complete package of indoor growing lighting. This light has a super intensity of penetrating past the plant canopy for up to 60 inches deep.

G8LED™ lights are known for an outstanding PAR spectrum coverage, which gives the most growth per unit of energy (watts) consumed. It has an enhanced two processes i.e. vegetative and flowering, and yields a year-round harvest of herbs, plants, flowers, cannabis and any other sort of ornamental plant in an indoor grow environment. The G8-900 Veg/Flower and its smaller versions such as the G8-600 Veg/Flower & G8-450 Veg/Flower are some of the finest and best producing grow light available for indoor growers.

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