5 Ways to Make Your Garden Friendlier for Your Dog

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Every dog owner dreams of having his dog freely roam around the backyard. Getting this dream closer to reality takes a lot of effort and hard work. One cannot simply leave his dog out in the yard hoping for the best. Spend a few extra days, if necessary, and make your yard friendlier for your dog. At the same time, make your yard a better place for you and your family. Here are 5 things you can do to transform your backyard.

Water is an essential part of your life

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Yes, indeed, water is all you need. Especially when it comes to improving your yard, you can always keep the water flowing. For instance, you can add a fountain or a stream that both you and your dog will enjoy. Having a water feature in your yard completes it, and gives it a natural feeling and look. You can also add a small pond or a pool if you have a water-loving dog. Its depth should fit the dog’s size in order to avoid any potential complications and problems. Besides your dog, birds will also enjoy drinking water from it. Remember to always do a safety check before letting your dog play in the yard.

Safety is your number one priority

When it comes to safety, one can never invest too much into it. It is better to be safe than sorry, and the same rule applies to both humans and their pets. If you want your dog to roam freely within your yard, without having to worry about it running away, place a fence all around it. If you want to protect a certain part of your yard such as your garden or flowers, place an additional fence around it. Consider a fencing material that matches your landscape style. Make sure that the fence is sturdy enough, and that your dog cannot get stuck in it.

Dog requires rest

Occasionally, your dog will get tired of all that running. It will require rest, and the best place to do it is somewhere protected from all the elements. When working around the yard, consider creating a few shade spots where your dog can rest. Tall trees provide a natural shade, but you can also use overhead tarps and shades.  A smart thing to do is place your pet’s food and water bowls in it so your dog can both rest and regain strength. You can purchase dog food and water bowls in your local pet shop.

make your garden friendlier for your dog

Toxin free landscape

It is very important to create a landscape where your dog will relax and enjoy. Dogs are known to eat plants from time to time, but some may be dangerous. Especially if you have azaleas, lilies and mums, you should fence those from your dog’s reach. Consult with your local veterinarian and find out all about the toxin plants, and how to protect your dog from them. Also, do not place any baits for snails or rats, for those may be fatal for your dog. Do not leave any sharp or construction objects lying in the open. The same goes for materials such as cement, glue, and other potentially hazardous things.

Create paths

Your dog will constantly be on patrol. The best way to make this patrol interesting is to give your pet a path on which it can walk. This way, you will both give them something to do and give your garden a special look. You can use white or yellow sand to create these paths. Your dog will love it.

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Creating a friendlier environment for your dog is very important. Not only will your yard look amazing, but your dog will be happier. Take a few weeks, and focus on creating a dog-friendly yard.


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