10 Ideas for Outdoor Christmas and Holiday Decoration

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Winter is my favorite time of the year, and I believe it’s the same for a large number of people across the world, as it comes with a lot of festivals. Now, let me be a little specific here as well, it’s actually the month of December for which I wait throughout the year. Yes, that’s right, the month of December is all about the holidays and festive season and nobody in the world feels like focusing on their work during this time. The holiday season, which kick-starts with Thanksgiving dinner parties, includes a variety of traditional festivals like Hanukkah – celebrated from 16th to 24th December, Winter Solstice (celebrated on 21st), Christmas, Boxing Day, Kwanzaa, and the New Year’s Eve.

Since December remains entirely packed with festivals, all people have to do this month is spent some amazing time with their families and friends. You can really spend some quality time with your family members by involving all of them in your holiday and Christmas decoration process. Apart from that you can spend long hours on dinner tables enjoying roasted turkeys, old wine, plum cakes, freshly baked crispy Christmas cookies, fresh strawberry sauce, homemade chocolates containing roasted almonds and walnut etc.

When it comes to holiday or Christmas decorations, you should really implement some creative decorative ideas. In fact every time Christmas approaches, all you need to do is be a little more creative than the previous year.

You can use the following holiday decoration ideas for bringing an additional charm to your beautiful home.

Add a Christmas charm to your mailbox

Since we are talking about holiday and Christmas decorations, let me give you some ideas to decorate your mailbox – which stands right outside your garden area. You can use fresh greenery and pine cone to decorate it. In addition to that, you can also place Christmas ornaments on it to enhance its appearance.

Use a lot of red and green colors to decorate your front gate

Apart from decorating your mailbox, the next thing which you must decorate is the front gate of your house. And for adding a touch of the festive season to your front gate, you should definitely decorate it with silky ribbons, Christmas ornaments, and lush green garlands. If you select your ribbons and Christmas ornaments in red, it can really make a huge difference to your decorations.

Use LED lights for entryway decorations

Apart from decorating mailbox and front gate, the next thing which you must decorate is the entryway of your house. And the best way to highlight the entryways is to decorate them with LED lights. Holiday LED lights are really very safe to use during the festivals and they make space look gorgeous too.


Embellish your garden with Nativity scene

One of the most important ways to decorate your house during the Christmas season is to create a Nativity scene in your garden. This is really crucial in bringing the festive charm to your house. You can create the Nativity scene by placing a variety of drawings, pictures, and statues of mother marry, baby Jesus, and Joseph.

Place Christmas lanterns next to your main door

Considering the fact that your main door remains the entry to your home, you must decorate its nearby area with beautiful Christmas lanterns.

Hang a wreath on your main door

There is no denying the fact that your guests deserve a warm festive welcome, and nothing can greet them in a better way than a beautifully decorate wreath which is rightly placed on your front door.

wreath on main door

Give a nice makeover to your fireplace mantel

During winters, your guests always like to spend some time near the fireplace, and considering that it becomes truly important for you to give some nice makeover to the fireplace mantel. You can use decorative candles, Christmas stockings, and Christmas ornaments to decorate it.

Place a beautiful Christmas tree in your room

Christmas trees have always remained an important part of Christmas as well as holiday decorations, hence it becomes mandatory for you to adorn your house with a well decorated Christmas tree.

Embellish your piano with garlands

If in case you are a music lover and have a nice piano in your living room, you can decorate it with colorful garlands. I am very sure that it is going to steal the heart of your guests.

piano with garlands

Decorate the windows with ornaments

Apart from that, you can also use your creativity to adorn your windows. In this case, you can hang colorful Christmas ornaments on your window, which can compliment the curtains and add a holiday charm to your house.

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