Affordable, Attractive and Maintenance-free Vertical Gardens

Last Updated on March 4, 2022 by Kravelv

Do you have a boring garden wall or patio? Are you looking for a great way to add interest and some colour to your wall? If so, consider creating your own colourful work of art to liven up your space with artificial vertical gardens. They are a fantastic way to turn a dull space into a focal point. They are also hearty and come in a wide range colours, textures and sizes. They produce stunning and natural looking Gardens with no maintenance, no water problems and no waiting for results.

So what are some of the main artificial vertical garden ideas?

1. Artificial Plant Wall Panels Ivy with Fine Leaf

Artificial plant wall panel ivy with fine leaf themes are fabulous for creating an easy, quick and affordable screen. They are great for restaurants, pubs, kindergartens and the home. They can also be both outdoors and indoors because artificial plants walls can withstand some sun. But it is best if you put them out of direct sunlight so as to prevent colour fade. Maintenance simply involves washing down gently to remove dust. If they are located outside the rain can do much of the washing. Note that these themes can only be used outdoors after they have been treated for UV protection.

2. Grande

If you are looking to create a superior vertical garden, Grande should be top on your list. These themes are popular amongst corporates and discerning homeowners. Each Grande is handmade and designed by an experienced visual artist. The garden is then styled according to your own requirements. You can incorporate various plants from all over the world. Fruits, full bloom flowers or berries can also be added. So if you are looking for a lush and vibrant vertical garden that resembles a real garden and requires no maintenance, Grande is your best bet. If compared with other indoor vertical garden themes in terms of costs, long term maintenance costs of a real vertical garden makes this theme very affordable. Real vertical gardens often require expensive artificial lighting solutions, plumbing modifications and maintenance routines to make them viable. The Grande will look great regardless!

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3. Artificial Laurel Trellis

Laurel trellis provides an excellent way to cover ugly views and walls. The trellis can expand and can be kept narrow and long (about 500 meters wide and 3 meters high) or wide and short. The back of the trellis also make it easy to attach to walls with a nail. Even though it is UV stabilised, it is best not placing it in direct sunlight as it may eventually fade.

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4. Red Artificial Vertical Garden Highlights

Red artificial vertical garden highlights are normally created with fake berries and currents. They have rich colours and texture to make them more appealing. Each square meter on this theme is hand finished by accomplished artists who artfully arrange every feature stem. No two red artificial vertical garden highlights are the same. The theme is usually styled according to your own tastes and preferences. The theme is ideal for indoor locations such as retail outlets, kindergartens and hospitals. Just like the other artificial gardens, this theme can be located outside but not in direct full sunlight.

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5. White Night Artificial Vertical Gardens

White Night Artificial Vertical Garden is an indoor vertical garden styled for a sophisticated urban dweller. This theme is ideal for transforming dark spaces into a light tapestry of green, berry whites and limes. It can be located outside but its long term performance will be affected. It is best if the theme is located away from direct sunlight and rain.

Making an Attractive Display

It really does not require much to create appealing artificial vertical gardens. There are many different themes and all of them are as appealing as the next. Just use your eyes and instincts for what you think looks great. You can also group together themes that you think look fantastic. A word of advice however: A cluster of many artificial vertical gardens of the same type will make a very eye catching display. Artificial Vertical Garden designs are only limited by your own imagination.

Most artificial vertical garden companies can custom style and install artificial gardens to suit your budget and needs. The gardens can also be manufactured in small panels ideal for internal applications as well as large applications suitable for large commercial projects and residential properties.

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