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What is Controlled Demolition?

Control demolition refers to a deconstruction of a structure (like a house, shop, multi-storey building or a partial space in a building), which is performed to meet particular purpose or goals. Cost and safety are two most important concerns for any demolition project.

Every Controlled Demolition Project Has Three Primary Objectives As Mentioned Below,

  • Ensuring a strategic planning and demolition management such that no damage is caused to surrounding structures
  • Lower the production of dust, noise and any other ailing element to the minimal possible level
  • Ensuring efficient wastage management once demolition is accomplished
controlled demolition

Things You Ought To Know Before Getting Started With a Demolition Project

There are many legal processes associated with demolition or structure dismantling projects in the UK. The project needs to be planned in detail and can be executed by authorized contractors only. Some major problems that need to be addressed by a professional demolition contractor during the project are worksite injury, uncontrolled collapse, falls from height, traffic management, vibration, fire risk, noise, presence of any hazardous material, and potential threats that may be caused by connected services (if seeking further information you can get more about it here).

A successful completion of any demolition project demands advanced planning, preparation and sincere team effort. The demolition contractor needs to select right resources, tools and technology in line with the project demands. The site surveys and reports will be required to measure structure stability, material strength, etc. The contractor also needs to study surrounding structures at the work site.

If partial demolition is required, it is even more challenging. For example, if second storey demolition is needed then the demolition contractor will need to study the above and below ground spaces to ensure no damage caused to them during the process. Site management needs to be performed to ensure safety of people who work or live there.

The controlled demolition contractor needs to address health and safety risks associated with the project. The entire project needs to be executed adhering to the standard environment and safety laws as implied by the local government.

Brokk Demolition Is the Most Viable Choice

Whether it is noise, fire, safety, health, dust management or any other issue associated with classic demolition practices, controlled demolition services using Brokk robots can address them all! Even when there is access restriction at the demolition site, the compact-sized and powerful Brokk robots can complete the job in the most efficient and effective manner. These robotic machines exclusively designed for controlled demolition projects are highly versatile and robust.

controlled demolition1

The Brokk robotic machines can be operated from a remote distance by a skilled and experienced operator. These robots, though small in size, are tremendously powerful machines. They can easily access through doorways and other openings at the demolition site. Yet, surprisingly they are light in weight.

Brokk’s remote controlled demolition machines are perfect for work environments where noise, access and toxic fumes can be a huge problem; hospitals, schools, shopping centers, banks, corporate buildings are a few examples of such work sites. Brook demolition robots are capable to work with all kinds of terrain. These machines come with a range of other attachments which adds to its efficiency.

Simply put, Brokk is the safest and most environment-friendly demolition machines we have today. They help demolition contractors performing noise-free, fume-free and vibration-free controlled demolition successfully. However, the kind of job demand a particular skill set, years of experience and exposure to demolition projects of different scales and types.

Got a demolition project on hand? Partner with the best Brokk remote-controlled demolition specialist in your territory today!

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