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Window Vacuums: Do They Actually Work?

We understand how hard it is to get your windows clean and streak free. Whether you live near the beach and have a lot of salt spray or live in the big city and have issues with traffic fumes building up on the glass, or you just have young kids that put dirty handprints on your windows. But when it comes to cleaning your windows, you think there must be an easier way?

You may have seen advertisements recently for the newest gadget in window cleaning, the window vacuum. But is it worth the money, does it actually do a good job. Or is it better to get your windows cleaned by the professionals like Endeavour Property Services who offers window cleaning in Auckland. We are going to cover the facts about this new technology and whether it really does a good job on windows.

What are they?

The window vacuum is a modern take on the classic window squeegee. It consists of two separate heads one with a soft microfiber cover and one with a squeegee with a built-in vacuum cleaner that collects the water in the handle. The window vacuum works by first spraying the window with cleaning solution and spreading with the microfiber cloth attachment, then using the vacuum to remove the excess water, leaving the window clean and dry. It sounds too simple, and it is!

Are they worth the money?

Although they do a pretty good job of cleaning windows they do also have other uses in the home. They are also great for cleaning mirrors, tiles and shower glass. They are though good for removing condensation from internal windows and other small jobs throughout the house. But it does not always give a streak-free result and the unit itself is a bit bulky and hard to use especially on interior windows. It does do the job but sometimes takes a few tries to get the whole window streak free. As the unit needs to be held upright to function correctly and this is not always easy depending on the window location and frame size.

But they are not a total window cleaning solution, as it is only viable to use on easy to reach windows, and does not save much time in comparison to using a traditional squeegee. The unit itself is small so it would take a fair amount of time if you have a lot of glass in your home. The unit is only probably suitable for small jobs, if you have a lot of glass it would still be more effective to use professional window cleaners.

Overall the window vacuum is a great new innovation for home window cleaning. Although its design could still do with a few alterations to make it easier to use. But it is still effective for cleaning small household windows and mirrors.

When cleaning heavily soiled windows we recommend cleaning roughly by hand with detergent before using the vacuum so it doesn’t get clogged, and you see the result you need. For homes with large amounts of glass or who have heavy build up on the windows it is best you call in a professional window cleaning team to ensure you get the best finish possible.

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