Window Replacement Commitments: What to Expect From Your Contractor

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Replacing your windows is an investment so it’s only natural to want to make sure that it goes off without a hitch, a part of which entails ensuring that the replacement proceeds as planned. Working with the right contractor can help you guarantee this but it is also important to know what you can rightfully expect from your window installer. These include:


You should get this by default if you’re working with a reputable contractor. Just the same, make sure that your window contractor is licensed, bonded, and insured and that they have a registered business name, physical address and a working phone number. Don’t forget to ask for references from previous customers, especially those who had projects similar to yours. This will help give you an idea as to how the job will be carried out on your property.


You and your contractor should agree upon a schedule before any work begins to delineate the duration of a window replacement project. However, planned as everything may be, sometimes hiccups come a long and derail a schedule. If the original schedule can no longer be met given certain circumstances, you have the right to expect that your contractor will do all they can to stay as close as possible to the original time frame. You should also be provided with a new target date for completion to help you manage your expectations.

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Contractor or not, this is a must for every business. This means behaving properly towards customers at all times, which can include wearing the right uniform, being courteous during any form of communication, and adhering to all agreed-upon terms and conditions. This isn’t to mean that you can’t be friendly with your contractor though. Building rapport is important and doing so doesn’t mean losing respect.

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This applies to both the product that will be installed and the installation process. If you paid to have a quality window installed, then you should get a quality window installed. Generous warranty coverage is one of the signs of good quality because a long coverage period means the window manufacturer and your contractor are confident enough in what they are offering to put forth such a level of protection for the customer. Keep in mind that manufacturer and contractor warranties are different from each other. Typically though, you can only take advantage of manufacturer warranties if you have a product installed by a certified contractor.

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Protect Yourself with a Contract

All you can expect from your window contractor will be clearly outlined in your job contract so make sure that you read through it completely and thoroughly understand what you have just read before signing. Should you have any questions or concerns, voice them out. After all issues have been clarified, don’t forget to make sure that your contractor also signs the contract as this will acknowledge their understanding and acceptance of your expectations of them. Ensuring all terms and conditions are clear helps in increasing the likelihood that your window replacement project will go as planned.


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