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Window Customization: What’s in It for You?

Your choice of windows can greatly affect a lot of aspects in your home. From aesthetics to lighting, to energy efficiency, comfort, and security, windows help you achieve your home improvement goals. Given that each person is unique, each of us has his own tastes and needs — and things are no different when it comes to window style preferences. Having custom windows made for your home can help you showcase your own personality and individuality, while meeting your requirements in other areas, such as efficiency, safety, and the like.

In this post, we take a look at window customization and what options are available for you.

Why Choose Custom Windows?

Basically, there are two options when it comes to windows: stock and custom. Stock windows are those that are already made and measured, ready for installation immediately upon purchase. They typically have standard features and measurements. Meanwhile, custom windows are made to order and you can decide on each of its specifications.

Stock windows make for a good option, especially if the product has excellent quality. However, one problem that’s commonly encountered is that they may not fit well to your home’s openings. This is particularly true if your home is more than 10 years old — older homes have foundations that may have shifted over time, leaving gaps between the window frames and the openings where they are installed. While these gaps may appear as tiny spaces, they can greatly affect your home’s energy efficiency if not filled and fixed.

Through customization, you can ensure that the windows fit precisely into the openings. Additionally, you can also choose the materials and design elements you prefer, giving you more freedom when it comes to aesthetics.

Getting Creative: Options for Customizing Your Windows

There are a number of ways for you to be creative when customizing windows. Below are some of the options:

The idea of being able to customize your windows can be really exciting — but overwhelming, too! If deciding on each of the elements seems a bit confusing, seek help from an experienced window contractor who can give you recommendations on design and energy performance.


Author Bio:

Dave Becker is one of the co-owners of Mid America Exteriors. Having more than 25 years of industry experience serving homeowners of Wichita, Kansas and the surrounding areas, he maintains that honesty, hard work, and dependability are an essential part of delivering outstanding home improvement services. He also believes that another important component of a successful home improvement project is knowledge and education, which is also the reason why he enjoys sharing what he has learned over his career by writing articles about home improvement.


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