11 Tips for Air Compressor Maintenance

Last Updated on February 22, 2023 by Kravelv

Don’t think your task is completed once you purchased your air compressor. Though you don’t need to spend much money on maintenance costs, you still need to care about it like any other power tool to remain in its best working condition for an extended period. It is essential to properly your air compressor to ensure efficient operation. It will increase the durability of your air compressor and save you from spending money on operation costs.

However, maintaining an air compressor doesn’t mean you will follow many sophisticated strategies or require training. You just need to follow few tips which can sustain your pressure quality as well as prevent breakdown.

It is essential to properly install and look after your air compressor to ensure efficient operations. Not only this, but it will increase the durability of your air compressor and save you from spending money on unnecessary costs. If you looking to purchase an air compressor or have your current unit serviced, it’s vital that a trusted and professional company such as ACE Group completes the work. By doing this, you’re ensured that the task will be completed to the best standard possible.

We have listed below a few tips for air compressor maintenance, which are vital for it.

A List of Tips for Air Compressor Maintenance That You Should Follow

Whether you opt to get an air compressor for farming crew, or your workspace or house, you should follow a proper guideline to keep the air compressor in a good state. Otherwise, you can face any trouble while working due to miss uses. 

Tip -1: Read and Follow Your Air Compressor’s Manual

After buying your air compressor, you must carefully read and follow the manual instruction properly. You should understand and learn how they work because different air compressors have different functions and features.

There are some guidelines and tips inside the manual instruction, which can help you conduct air compressor maintenance appropriately. You will find some simple yet useful tips on it, which you may not think about unless you read it. Besides, if you don’t follow the rules, you may lose the warranty from installing to maintenance.

Tip -2: Drain the Moisture from the Tanks

The job of the receiver tank is to capture moisture from the surrounding air when it is compressing. The receiver tank may become prone to moisture if you live in a humid environment. The valves inside the tank drain the moisture from the tanks to keep it dry. It would help if you always made sure that the valves drained regularly. One thing you need to take into account is that you must first release the air before draining it.

Tip -3: Keep All Fasteners Tightened

A running air compressor vibrates a lot when the engine is compressing air. So, the tools inside the air compressor may loosen its screws, nuts, and bolts. This is why experts suggested to check them whether they are loosened and working correctly regularly. So make sure to tighten them if you find any jiggled loosed.

Tip -4: Check and Change Inlet Air Filters If Needed

Most air compressors contain an inlet air filter that purifies the air, taking into the compressor and acting as a damper or soundless. It is better to regularly check whether any massive build-up of dust and dirt in it. A clogged filter may not work as much efficiently as the clean one does. Moreover, it will force the air compressor to work hard, leading to higher power consumption. So make sure to clean the filters periodically and change it if it is not working much efficiently.

Tip -5: Keep the Intake Vents Cleaned

Pressuring air compressor too much to intake air, may ultimately lose its capacity to power on your compression. The quality of your compressor will slowly degrade. Check your intake vents regularly to see whether you are forcing it too much and make sure to clean it the dust and dirt which stores in your air compressor.

Tip -6: Check the Hoses Regularly

Hoses are a significant part of the air compressor, which keeps your compressor safe in severe working conditions. So make sure to check them regularly whether they are working correctly or cracked. You may notice leakage if they are destroyed or damaged. It may even leave unnecessary stretch on other compressor’s components. So make sure clean in periodically and change them if they are damaged or cracked.

Tip -7: Check and Replace Compressor Oil

If you want your air compressor always to work efficiently, you should consider the amount of oil and quality of oil you used in your compressor. The air compressor may even break down if the machine faces a lack of oil. Make sure to check the oil level periodically, especially if your air compressor always continuously runs. Experts suggested changing the oil in every 500-1000 hours of use.

Tip -8: Clean the Fuel Tank

The fuel tank is one of the vital parts from which the air compressor receives power. Clean your fuel tank regularly and adequately to ensure that your air compressor is working most efficiently. Moreover, it will prevent building up any residue from the fuel and keep servicing you for a long time. It will also increase the durability and quality of operation. You should at least clean it once every year.

Tip -9: Clean the Heat Exchangers

You need to regularly clean the heat exchanger as it helps to reduce the operating temperatures in the compressed air and transfer it from the air compressor. You can’t work efficiently if there is any dirt or dust in heat exchangers. Cleaning it regularly prevents it from increasing the operating temperatures and also enhances the durability of your machine.

Tip -10: Cooling Water

If you have a water-cooled type air compressor, it must have two stages to properly cooling your machine. When it passes through two phases, the overall performance efficiency also increases. Moreover, the system consumes less energy while giving the highest coolness. So make sure to supply a sufficient amount of cooling water within the appropriate heat and pressure range.

Tip -11: Perform Safety Shutdown Test

Most air compressors come with a built-in safety shutdown system designed to minimize the consequences of an emergency. It helps the machine by preventing it from an outbreak of fire, escape of unsafe materials, high temperature, or too high pressure. Make sure to test the system, whether it is working correctly so that your equipment is protected.

Final Touch

Hopefully, all the tips we have listed will help you maintain a balance in your air compressor. It will also help to increase the durability of your machine.

To improve your machine operation and the machine’s productivity, you need to regularly and adequately take care of your air compressor. Besides, it will save lots of money by preventing to buy a new air compressor. A clean air compressor ensures the smooth running of the machine and excellent protection.