5 Top Reasons Why You Should Get the Right Pillow

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When it comes to sleeping accessories, a lot of thought is given in choosing the perfect bed or mattress because it is typically one of the biggest investments in your sleeping area. More often than not, the humble pillow takes the back seat.

The specialists at Mattress & Pillow Science continuously research the ways for people to get good sleep. They can offer you with all the knowledge you need about all sleeping paraphernalia. Their store has a wide range of products, from pillows, mattresses to sheets, everything that has to do with restful sleep. And they will be the first to tell you that the pillow is just as important in giving you one.

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If you do not consider your pillow as equally essential in getting good sleep, it is high time that you do. Read on for the top reasons why you should equip yourself with the right pillow.

1. Prevent neck and shoulder pain

If you are experiencing neck, shoulder, or back pain when you wake up in the morning, chances are your pillow has much to do with it. When your pillow lies too high or too low, your neck might be subjected to awkward positions for long hours, which may cause neck or shoulder pain.

2. Lessen sleep interruptions

Finding the right pillow will provide you with the most comfort and ensure a long and uninterrupted sleep. Having a good night’s sleep lowers the risk of health problems such as heart disease, hypertension, and obesity. Sleeping helps in tissue repair and the proper growth of muscles.

3. Reduce snoring

People sleeping on their backs are the ones who are likely to snore. Sleeping sideways is recommended for people who are used to sleeping on their backs to avoid snoring. But if this habit is hard to break, anti-snore pillows are already available in stores specializing in sleeping supplies, such as Mattress and Pillow Science. These types of pillows make sleeping on the side easier, reducing snoring.

4. Avoid allergies

Pillows are used almost one-third of the day, every day. Over time, they can develop stains, bad smells, mould growths, and dust mites, which may trigger allergies. As a general rule, pillows need to be replaced every 18 months, but foam pillows and other specialized pillows can last longer. At least this is what specialists recommend. But, most commonly, this rule is not followed. People only try to replace their pillows when they start to experience discomforts such as body aches or skin rashes. To avoid these medical conditions and a host of other problems, try to replace your pillows as recommended.

5. Gives the best support

Finding the right pillow will give you the best support for your neck muscles. Knowing the type of filling of your pillow is vital to improving the quality of your sleep. Mattress and Pillow Science has a wide array of pillows to choose from. You can choose among the different types of materials, such as microfiber, polyester, memory foam, gel, or latex. Pillows also come in different shapes and contours, which can give your neck the best support.

Final Word

The right pillow can do wonders for your search for the most restful sleep. On the flip side, the wrong one can have you tossing and turning at night, then nodding off uncontrollably during the day. The impact that it has on your quality of life could not be stressed enough. Your pillow must be given an equal amount of attention and consideration when it comes to your sleeping needs.


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