Caring for Your Murphy Bed

Last Updated on April 19, 2022 by Kravelv

The bedroom is the retreat of the soul. Thus, it makes sense to take care of this room and treat it like the temple that it should be. It can be a bit tricky to care for beds especially if it is installed using contraptions which particularly is the case with the Murphy bed.

In this article we are going to talk about how to properly maintain a Murphy bed using the tools that are available to most households.

Murphy Bed General Cleaning

It is a fact that you are likely to end up sleeping, or just lying on your bed for the majority of your life. This is a fact regardless of how restless you ascertain yourself to be. Just think about the cycle that is your lazy weekend routine. Albeit some may object to the notion, everyone would agree that there are simply those days where you just do not want to do nothing.

With that in mind, let us talk about how to maintain the Murphy bed. The murphy bed can be a bit trickier to clean and can be a lot taxing if you are not doing it right. But, the thing that makes it difficult to clean, is what also makes it great.

When one talks about the Murphy bed, rarely do they talk about the mattress. It is, the mattress is secondary only to the innovative marvel that is the Murphy bed. But to the one who actually spends his or her time sleeping on the bed, the mattress is probably all he or she cares about. Thus, thus caring for the mattress might be more important to him or her than tightening a few bolts and screws on the contraption.

When cleaning a mattress, especially the larger ones, the first one that you should figure out is how you are going to flip it. Most mattresses on Murphy beds are attached to the bed and might be a bit tricky to remove at first. This means that you have to do extra effort when flipping the bed. You may already know this but mattresses are actually pretty heavy. When you regularly lift your bed back up and down, this fact might slip your mind. If you are able to remove the mattress from the Murphy bed, be sure to have at least one person to help you. It can get challenging especially with just how large mattresses are.

Murphy Bed Support

The Murphy bed relies on an intricate system to make sure that it functions as it is designed. The backbone is usually made of metal attached together with screws and bolts. This system is not fragile in any means but it should have proper support. The wall it is mounted on, the floor it will stand on and even the ceiling have to be stable. Remember that you will be slamming the bed into all adjacent surfaces every morning and every night so you cannot afford to have flimsy support for it.

Additionally, the mattress has to match the Murphy bed skeleton. A rookie mistake that some people make is replacing the built-in mattress with a different one that does not match the dimension of the Murphy bed. If the mattress is too large, the support may not be able to handle the pressure it applies to it. And if it is too loose, the form could take a hit.

Keep the Murphy Bed Clean

No one wants to come home from work to a cesspool. Beds should be clean and I dare say, should be the cleanest spot in the house. If you are going to spend eight hours on it everyday, be sure that it is safe and not making you sick.

Cleaning the mattress is essential but this does not mean that you can ignore the sheets and the pillowcase. Afterall, your face will hit the pillow first before you hit the mattress. A clean pillow case, not only looks delightful and smells nice, but it can actually keep you from getting sick. On average, a human being can swallow a fistfull of bugs in their lifetime. Would you not want to reduce that number even a little bit.

Because your body sweats and you will normally shed some skin, the bed can actually get dirty very fast. That is why you need to perform regular cleaning and more so if you have a partner you share the Murphy bed with. Furthermore, the germs and dirt can multiply at an exponential rate.

Murphy Beds and Pets

We all love our pets but pets and beds do not really go together. Make sure that your pet never makes it a habit to jump into your Murphy bed for two reasons. One, pets will always drag germs and dirt along with them and you would not want to sleep with that. And two, the murphy bed, albeit generally safe, can trap animals in some freak circumstances.

You can choose to let your pet jump on the bed if you are confident enough that they will not sully the bed. But make sure that the bed is closed especially if you are not around. You would not want the bed to suddenly snap closed while you are out of the house with your pet still in it.

Do not Move Murphy Beds

As a general rule, you should never move the Murphy bed. After the furniture shop installs the item in your house or apartment, you better leave it there. If you do need to move it around though, it might be best to call professionals. The Murphy bed, unlike most furniture like night stands, drawers, or regular beds, are humongous in comparison. This makes it dangerous to move it around willy-nilly.

Another reason for you not to move the Murphy bed is to avoid damage to the Murphy bed itself, as well as its surroundings. Murphy beds are usually drilled into walls and floors so it is never easy to simply take it off one place and place it in another.

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