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Why Finding The Right Sofa is the Key to a Beautiful Living Room

It’s no secret finding the best way to decorate your living room isn’t easy. Wallpaper, upholstery, entertainment devices, all factor into the overall picture. Sofas take up the bigger spaces and their placement can make the difference between an average living room and the one you’re proud to show friends and family. With all the various types, here are some suggestions to help decide what works best for you.


Bridgewater sofas are defined by their comfortable and casual look. But they work just as well in a formal setting. Typically accompanied by a slipcover, these sofas can be individually tailored to match preferences. Putting together a mix of throw pillows and textiles will help to make the sofa stand out.


These models come in pieces of 3 to 5. They offer a multitude of configurations, adding a flexibility that sets it apart from other sofas. The L Shape sofa will work for an open living room, moving into places that need to be divided such as the dining room. The U Shape and semi-sectionals are ideal for a smaller living room, curving around chairs and tables to add to a more compact look.

When buying a sectional remember to look into ones that have fasteners that secure the individual pieces together. A lack of them can be problematic on a wooden floor as the pieces are likely to split apart.


Rumour has it the Chesterfield Sofa was originally designed in the 18th century by the 4th Earl of Chesterfield, Philip Stanhope. It was at the height of fashion during Queen Victoria’s reign. These are sturdy additions to any living room as the Victorians built them to last. With frames crafted out of mahogany and other hard woods there’s a great deal of longevity to be found.

A resurgence in popularity has shown them to be mainstays in the living room. But there’s subtle differences to note when deciding between a higher and lower priced Chesterfields. ‘Demic’ sofas were produced on mass in the 90s and made out of webbing instead of springs. The leather is known as ‘waste leather’ – the leather left over from other sofa builds.

The leather has been knitted together into a diamond pattern and go from £500 to £700. A ‘Real Chesterfield’ is upward of £800 – £1500. These sofas should have a high density foam, serpentine springs and be diamond pleated.


Cabrioles have been known to include ornate designs, adding a sense of timelessness to any living room. The trademark can be found in a continuous, equal height back and arms. The arms are usually curved in. But often these features are swapped out for comfort in modern cabrioles.

Choosing the right sofa is dependent on personal style. Be bold and try different configurations. Always research functionality and never settle until you’ve found what suits you best.


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