Why Do You Need To Have Wooden Shutters In Your House?

Last Updated on March 21, 2022 by Kravelv

If you want your house to look a bit of traditional without a lot of hard work, then the wooden shutters are the best things that can do the magic! Wood is something that brings a lot of peace and serenity in the environment. It also has the property of being customizable.  The other very important property of wood that makes it to be converted as wooden shutters in a residential environment, is its ability to retain the temperature of the room. This property of insulation makes the room cooler in summers and warmer in winters.

There are two types of shutters that are most popular and are of significance. They are

  • Operable
  • Decorative

The operable shutters are the one that can be opened and closed by anyone. These are used in the places that need a shielding from sun and wind.  The decorative shutters are just for the purpose of decoration. However, whatever type of wooden shutters you plan to use in your home, there are quite a number of advantages of it.

Practical Advantages

  • The first and foremost practical advantage of using the wooden shutters is that you can select the type of wood from which the shutters are to be made. This helps you to make a conscious decision as to whether to go for high end wood like Mahogany and Cedar or to keep  it low on price and to go in for the lesser wood.  However, it is always advisable to use top grade woods because though they are costly, they will last you a life time and their resale value is also good.
  • They can help you maintain temperature of the room. The window shutters main work is to keep the temperature maintained in the room. They will keep the temperature constant irrespective of the fact that the temperature out is hot or freezing cold. This is due to the insulating effect of wood. But for the best results, you will have to buy the shutters that do not let the inside air to mix with the outside air.
  • The third advantage of using a good quality wooden window shutter is that it will last for a very long time. You could buy wood that is FAS, 2FAS or CLEAR qualified. These woods are generally rot resistant and do not get distorted by moisture making them useful for the purpose of window shutters.
  • The fourth advantage that the wooden shutters extend is that they cut down on the cost of your utility bills. Though these shutters are deemed expensive when they are installed but they do cut down the utility bills considerably making them cost effective in the long run.

Aesthetic Benefits

  • These shutters provide your home a feel of opulence. Many a time the windows may just get ignored while you decide to spruce up your home. But if you make use of wooden shutters you can do that without making much of an effort.
  • The window shutters in wood could give your home any kind of d├ęcor that you like. You could get classic, colonial, antique and many other kinds of looks, making use of these window shutters.

Do you Need to Customize the Shutters?

Whether you home is in a region that is comparatively calm or in the hurricane prone areas, you can always make use of the wooden shutters of various kinds to protect the interiors from the onslaught of the climatic conditions. Louvered shutters will aid in keeping the temperatures of the house same, while the Bermuda style will help your home to get enough protection during a hurricane.