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How Do You Know When Your A/C Unit Needs Repair (Or Replacement)

With the summer season often staying around for a while, you need an AC unit that’ll guarantee consistent comfort when the weather gets unbearable. However, we often experience the unfortunate tendencies of our AC units failing when we need them the most.

Surprisingly, most of the units start showing early signs of breakdown without us noticing. This makes it quite necessary to know enough about AC units to help figure out when it’s time for air conditioning repair. Here are the signs to look at.

1.   Unusual Sounds from the AC

Your AC should not be producing those loud grinding or squealing sounds. If it does, there’s probably a problem that needs to be checked. The noises often reflect a serious mechanical problem like broken motor bearings. A well-functioning AC unit is supposed to operate with a barely detectable noise level. So, if you have to deal with uncomfortable sounds, you should know it’s a problem that needs at least a repair or total replacement.

2.   High Energy Bills

A properly functioning AC unit doesn’t have a huge power consumption. The power consumption should stay the same unless there are other changes in your home’s energy consumption. Any fluctuation tendency in power consumption may signal a failing AC unit.

It could be a problem with a cooling system, or worse still, your AC unit may be slowly beginning to malfunction. If you experience such a case, call your trusted AC experts to look into the issue. They may recommend maintenance repairs or an entire system overhaul.

3.   Your AC Frequently Breaks Down

Your air conditioner should not be experiencing frequent breakdowns when in use. Most of these issues come as a result of the A/C not receiving enough maintenance. The neglect during the winter may also be the reason your unit is losing its efficiency.

Frequent AC breakdowns mean frequent repairs. While you don’t need a replacement immediately when your AC starts breaking down frequently, experts recommend buying a new unit when repairs become intolerable.

  1. Your AC Has Served for More Than 10 Years

A well-maintained AC unit should serve you for at least 10-12 years. Any time outside this range is a bonus that may come with expensive repairs. The repairs may even be more frequent if the AC unit uses R-22 Freon.

If your system has served you more than this recommended period, consider yourself lucky and seek a replacement. It’s even an opportunity to upgrade to modern AC units that are more efficient on energy consumption.

5.   No Cool Air is coming from the AC.

When your AC is not emitting cool air, there’s probably something wrong. It could be due to low Freon levels or a broken compressor. No matter the cause, you can be sure the AC isn’t in perfect shape and needs repair or a possible replacement.

Bottom Line

There are various red flags to tell if your AC needs repair or replacement. Those mentioned above are just the common ones you won’t miss on your AC at some point in time.

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