Indoor Gardening – The Tips, Techniques and Everything You Need To Know

Last Updated on March 23, 2022 by Kravelv

Why should the exterior of the house be the only place that looks amazing with the entire flora in it; shouldn’t you treat the interior with the same love and respect?

For all those who’ve understood what I mean you will love this post, and for those of you who’re still trying to understand I’m breaking the ice for you – this is the post about indoor gardening.

Indoor Gardening – The Concept

Hydroponics or what’s better termed as indoor gardening is the simple process of growing plants, fruits and veggies indoor without really considering the external weather conditions. When plants are grown indoor the environment of the room is created accordingly, along with the maintained soil and water conditions.

The very concept of indoor gardening dates back to the Victorian era when the plants were specifically placed inside the rooms, the study and even the bathrooms only because they added beauty to the area. With this traditional concept and a few new ones, hydroponics has come a long way and even getting better now.

Growing Beautiful Plants Indoor – Let Love Take The Toll

Avid gardeners would relate when I say that the love of plants shouldn’t just be restricted to the front door of the house but must also be brought inside. You can keep the ferns in the bathroom, begonias in the study, a dwarf in the bedroom, rosemary pots in the kitchen and a few seedlings in the basement – just to keep your love for plats growing over the years.

Some of the Most Common Reason Why Gardeners Grow Plants Inside 

Sounds interesting? Well, it is, But, there are also a few challenges associated with the complete process that you need to know about. This post further summarizes the challenges that you need to keep in mind and tackle accordingly.

  • Lighting – Indoor gardening or hydroponics means that your plants will not be exposed to the natural sunlight which typically helps plants to grow. This further means that you will need to provide your own, artificial light to the plaints. To better imitate sunlight, you might as well have to purchase a high-density discharge and metal halide grow lights. These offer lights on the blue and red end of the spectrum, which are designed to sufficiently stimulate photosynthesis during the vegetative and flowering stages of development, respectively.
  • Watering – When you are gardening outdoor you do not really have to worry about watering your plants too frequently – the plants can easily adapt with the outside weather conditions. However, this is not the case with hydroponics – you need to keep a close eye on the amount of water that you’re giving your plants to ensure perfect growth. Know about the requirements of your plant and water it accordingly.
  • Environment – One of the primary advantages of indoor gardening is that it can be done anywhere, even if the environment in your part of the world does not accommodate a certain plant. But, this also means that you are responsible for creating the idyllic environment for growth. You may need to take standard measurements of the temperature and humidity, and make necessary adjustments.
  • Nutrients – High quality soil is the most important thing that a plant needs to thrive on. If you are growing hydroponically indoors, you will need to provide the plant the set of nutrients by yourself. This also means that you will also have to be responsible for mixing a proper nutrient solution and paying close attention to the health of your plants so you can catch any deficiencies that may arise.
  • Odor – The odor of plants may vary according to their categories, as well as the advancements in their growth. It is particularly important to know that a plant may release pungent odor in the start of the process, which may later finish completely. Be aware that plant odor is a natural process, and create a space for your plants accordingly.

Indoor gardening is a complicated process which will eventually yield the best results for you and make the interior look wonderful. Your love for gardening remains forever and you can always try something new and better with the gardening techniques. Everything mentioned above about hydroponics will help you understand the tips and the challenges that you will definitely face when you make that choice, so make sure you mark all of these.

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