Water Caused a Mess, Don’t Stress: 7 Ways To Recover Your Home From Water Damage

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Whether it was caused by a broken pipe or a weather storm, water damage in your home can a be major inconvenience . The loss of important documents and damage to brand new furniture can be stressful. Water damage, on average, ruins 1 million homes every year. Make sure to call professionals so you can get your home the proper treatment. If the damage is too severe, the flooring and other parts of the home may have to be taken out and completely redone, which can cost $5,000-$70,000 or more. While waiting for professionals to come properly repair your home, there are a few things you can do on your own to speed up the recovery process and possibly minimize the amount of money you will have to pay.

#1: Safety First

When your home is covered in water, slipping and electrocution are the two major hazards to worry about. Protect yourself and your family from accidents by putting on proper waterproof footwear – rain boots work just fine. In addition, turn off the power to rooms affected by the damage at the circuit breaker on the electrical panel. Make sure not to enter rooms filled with water until the electricity has been turned off.

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#2: Shut off the source of water                                                                                                     

You want to make sure that no other water can damage your home so be sure to turn off the source of the water at the main. As always, do so as long as you can reach it safely.

#3: Wipe excess water                                                                                                                     

Once electrocution is no longer a concern, wipe water from wood furniture and prop them up to eliminate the possibility of further damage. Some furniture can be too large to move and in that case, just place aluminum foil underneath the legs to keep it away from water.

#4: Unplug and store all electrical appliances

Any lamps, TVs, fans, and computers should be unplugged,  removed and placed into an area where they can dry. Do not use them again until completely dried and inspected for damage.

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#5: Move paintings, documents, books and other valuables to a safe place.

Gather objects that might have fallen to the floor and lay them out to dry if they are salvageable.

#6: Try to remove as much water as possible                                                                              

As safely as you can, try to remove any excess water that is possible with buckets or by mopping. Do not use a vacuum cleaner in attempt to remove the water, as said previously electrocution is a huge hazard.

#7: Make sure not to play in the water (if you have children)

Standing water can contain bacteria and be hazardous to your child’s health. It is best to keep them away while completing the recovery process.

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Water damage can never be predicted, but it can be resolved quickly if you act accordingly. Follow these steps listed above and you should not have to worry about any further damage while waiting for professionals to take care of the rest.


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