Emergency Roof Repairs: What Homeowners Need to Know

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Many people will experience a roofing emergency at least once in their lifetime. It could be due to something as simple as a leak from missing shingles or something direr like storm damage. The question is, are you prepared? How would you manage an emergency with your roof?

When to Get an Emergency Roof Repair?

The roof is designed to protect you from strong winds, hail and other elements. If the roof, however, is exposed to these forces for an extended length of time, it will break down sooner or later. Unless you’re an expert roofer, you won’t likely be able to perform emergency repairs on your roof. It doesn’t, however, take a roofing specialist to determine if roof damage that requires immediate attention has occurred. If roofing material is on the ground or heavy debris like tree branches are lying on your roof, call your roofer right away!

Even if you’re not dealing with an emergency situation, you should have your roof inspected after severe weather in order to identify damage. You should also have any damage fixed as soon as possible to prevent roofing issues from worsening.

What to Expect in an Emergency Roof Repair

When your roofer arrives, the first thing they’ll do is inspect your roof. You can show them the damage you were able to identify to get them started, but they will also perform a more thorough inspection to look for other potential problems.

If the damage is significant, like a portion of the interior of the home has been exposed due to missing roofing materials, then that portion will be immediately covered with tarp to prevent further damage to your property and the roof’s structure as well. The roofers may also cover the roof with tarp if there are any leaks, and the weather still hasn’t cleared enough for repair work to begin.

One of the reasons why roofers will wait for the weather to get better before performing repairs is because they are also looking out for the welfare of their team. If it is too risky to send anyone up to fix a roof, they may choose to perform temporary repairs as soon as they possibly can to alleviate the problem a little bit, waiting for another opportunity to fully resolve the roofing issue.

What to Do When the Weather Clears

In the flurry of a storm, sometimes the best roofers can give you is a band-aid solution for your roofing woes. When the weather clears, however, that’s when the real work begins. Once the weather permits, your contractor will be back on your roof, going over temporary repairs and taking a closer look at your roofing system’s condition. This full inspection is necessary because a more thorough evaluation will help in revealing all roofing issues that have to be addressed.

Ideally, the roofing company you hired to perform emergency repairs will also be the one to carry out permanent repairs for you. Should you find the need to call in another roofer for whatever reason, make sure you inform them of all the temporary repairs done on your roof so they’ll know exactly where your previous roofer left off.

After doing a thorough inspection, your roofer will go over their findings with you, detailing damage discovered and what needs to be done to address the roofing problems, including associated costs. Roofing damage is best-taken care of immediately. If you, however, need to work within a budget, you can discuss with your roofer which issues are most urgent so they can be prioritized. You must still address your other roofing issues, but this will at least buy you some time.

When to Consider Roof Replacement   

The harsh weather conditions may have damaged your roof’s structure in such a way that makes living in your home unsafe. When a roof inspection reveals you’re dealing with damage that’s much too severe for repairs to be effective, it’s time to consider getting roof replacement instead. In the same way that a roofer discusses repair options, yours should go over roof replacements available to you, recommending the best choices for you and your home.

Nobody ever expects roofing damage, so it’s always a good thing to know that you can rely on emergency repairs to take care of the problem. Whether you do repairs or end up getting an entirely new roof, there’s one thing you should keep in mind to make the most of your investment: Work only with a reputable roofing contractor in your area.


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