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Types and Cost of Roofing Materials

There are a number of types of roofing materials available in the market at different price. Although the roof does not fall in one of the fascinating remodeling project in the house maintenance however it is getting popular. Roofing materials are available in reasonable cost and they have the aesthetic beauty necessary for a house. We can see the difference of price as there are both very high-cost and cheap products available in the market. The expense of labor, condition of the market and seasons also impact the cost of the overall project.

Asphalt Shingles:

The material of asphalt came from petroleum and its price fluctuate a lot. The shingles are also famous as composite shingles and the popularity of the roofing material is very well known among the house owners. The three tabs of asphalt shingles are made from fiberglass and covered with two types of granules: asphalt and mineral. The material fulfills the need of every house as it can maintain the structure of the house for more than twenty five years. The material is very easy to install and handle that means a person can easily tear out the existing roof or can do the project with the help of professionals.

Rolled Roofing:

If we talk about the backbone of the less attractive structure then we will come to know that the material is one of the low-slope residential roof. The size of the roof is 100 square and the length is 3 feet wide that makes is appropriate for the use in a house. If you want to make the roof of your workshop then you can use this material as it is very easy to install and the material is also cheap in cost.  The material holes back the moisture that means your roof stay protective for a long run. A person can install the roof by himself with using the proper techniques.

Metal Roofing:

Metal roofing is no longer used for warehouse because the age of the roof varies a lot. The appearance of the material is more industrial and people select it for high-end mansion. It has the property of being fire-resistant and the material resist insect because the insects cannot eat it as they eat the wood. The resale value of the material is very good but the downside of the material is its high cost. The cost of metal roofing is higher than the composite shingles and only high experienced roof installers can do the task of installing the material. The roof is eco-friendly and can prove very good after completing the warranty.

Green Roof:

Another popular roofing material in the market is green roof that fulfills the need of 21st century population. One of the best properties of green roof is its ability to send the oxygen back in the air. It is very efficient in providing the thermal insulation to the building and absorbs the rain water. It also permits you to easily grow plants. You can put a waterproof membrane on the roof that gives way to drainage and then keeps the condition of the roof better. The roofs are capable to support the large size plants. However, it roofing professional recommend using light weighted materials more.

Contact a Contractor:

If you are concerned about the replacing or installing a roofing material in your house then you can contact any roofing contractors Dearborn MI who are providing quality service. You can search for a quality service provider by conducting good internet or word to mouth research in your surroundings.

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