3 Signs that You Should Replace Your Flat Roof

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It often happens that the home owners who have a flat roof do not exactly know when to replace the roof or get it repaired. They simply are not aware of the signs of the roof getting bad or when it should be repaired. That is why many people often wonder when and how to replace their flat roof. The main reason for this is that in case of a peaked roof if there is some problem with the shingles or if there is any problem with the roof going on, it is easily visible by standing in the yard and looking at the roof with the help of binoculars or even with a naked eye. On the other hand there is no such case when it comes to the flat roofs. You cannot even have the idea about the condition of the roof unless you visit the roof and inspect it thoroughly by yourself.

In short there is no possibility of any visual indication in case of the flat roof and the condition of the shingles or roof itself cannot be predicted or foreseen. If you have a flat roof in your house then you should be watchful about the leaks in the roof because this is the most prominent symptom which identifies that your roof needs to be replaced. If you maintain the roof properly then there are very few possibilities that your roof will be damaged and it will surely last for much longer time.

Maintenance of Roof

The home owners who have a flat roof need to do certain practices in order to keep it going good so the life of the roof is enhanced and the need to repair or replace it can be delayed. The most important issue which should be addressed to at once is the drainage of standing water. If you notice ponding of water after a rainfall or wash on the roof, you should immediately remove it and get rid of it because standing water can perforate easily causing the leakage of roof. This is the main issue which arises after a storm or rainfall on the flat roofs and it should be addressed to immediately or within 48 hours after water is seen accumulating on the roof.

Signs which show the need of replacement of Roof

There are different symptoms for the flat and the peaked roofs and these symptoms appear differently on the houses. Therefore the home owners should be well aware of the signs when there is a need of replacement or repairing of the roofs. There are some specific and prominent signs which show when there is a time for the replacement of the roof. Some common observing keys for the roofs are as follows:

  1. If there are holes in the roof and these holes penetrate inside deep till the ceiling then this is really a bad and dangerous situation. It is in fact a clear symptom of the replacement of the roof and one should not be ignorant of this problem as it can lead to serious damages to roof as well as inside.
  2. Sometimes the roof is not laid in the form of a single layer and it is joined by means of panels. In these cases there is a major risk of panels being damaged or tearing off of the panels. Sometimes the situation may arises that the panels are pulled apart and these cannot be repaired. This is a very dangerous situation as it may end up in falling down of the roof. In order to avoid the bad consequences of such a situation, it is important to replace the roof in time.
  3. Another important benchmark is the vapor barrier of the roof. If it is not intact with the roof and there are torn pints f vapor barrier on the roof, this is a clear symptom of the roof replacement.

If you still can’t decide either you should replace your flat roof or get new one then in that case you really need to contact professional roofing contractors in Ann Arbor Michigan for a professional advice.

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