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7 Ways to Turn Your Bedroom into a Haven

Looking to update your bedroom décor? Here are 7 of the best ways to turn your bedroom from an embarrassment into your sanctuary.

Everyone deserves to have a space that they can use to hide from the rest of the world in – even we adults. Sometimes, this means having an outbuilding added to the garden. Other times, this means transforming an existing room into a space we love to be in.

As adults, we tend to put the little ones first. We buy for the kid’s bedrooms because we want them to have nice things. We buy for the living rooms because we want to impress our family and friends. Too often, the bedroom that should be your safe haven from the rest of the world, goes unloved.

We are here to prompt you into action with 7 refreshing ideas that will help you transform your bedroom space. Here are our top tips on making the most of the space you deserve, not the space you are left with.

The 7 Ways to Turn your Bedroom into a Peaceful Palace

Want to build your own palace of peace? Here’s how to transform your sanctuary into a blissful land of slumber.

1 – Consider adding texture

Adding texture to your space can open it up in a whole world of new ways. Everyone likes a comfortable, inviting bed, but what if we told you that texture doesn’t have to stop with soft furnishings? You can get soft bookshelves, furry cushions, and upholstered wall panels. All of that texture gives different depths of flavour to your style.

We love to use the example of the clinicians waiting room when we talk about texture. Nothing in your doctor’s office is soft. You could argue that it is this softness that makes a home special and sets it apart from clinical buildings. Add some texture to the room or read more about it over at BedzNextDay.

2 – Look Up!

You shouldn’t underestimate the ceiling in any given room of your home. If your bedroom is small or if you lack storage space, using the ceiling to enhance this can really help you. Putting bars as a space for hangers up there, or even adding an effect that doesn’t double up as storage, are good options. Exposed beams are always pretty in a bedroom, even if they are fake.

3 – Think Furniture

Not everything always has to match in your bedroom, but if you are going to match things, make it the furniture. It doesn’t need to be a set, but your wardrobe, drawers, and nightstand, should at least be the same material or style. If you have ever seen an art deco chest of drawers alongside an Elizabethan box bed, you will understand why. Remember to try not to overmatch, too. There is such a thing as too much floral or rattan.

4 – Drapery

Playing with textures again, bedrooms look far more lavish when they have been draped with rich materials. Hang some from the ceiling to give the illusion of a four poster bed or cover your windows with a soft tuille to prevent too much light entering. This will give you a warmer, cosier space to work with.

5 – Change the Lights

Lighting is a small change that makes a huge difference. If you really can’t afford to decorate your bedroom but you still want to make some changes, go for the lights first. A simple dimmer switch added to the light switch can work wonders for romantic moods. Mock daylight and sunset lamps are particularly popular right now.

6 – Do you like Art?

A single piece of artwork can be the making or breaking of any room. In your bedroom, you won’t want something that is too thought-provoking or striking. Opt for muted colours and a soft-focus if possible. Don’t go for contrasting colours or bold shapes as this will keep you awake at night. A single piece of artwork on the wall is all that is needed. Remember to light it correctly.

7 – Think about Underfoot

What sort of flooring do you have in your bedroom? Those with laminate or hardwood floorboards are unlikely to be as comfortable in their bedroom as those without. Change up to a deep carpet. If you can’t replace the flooring, then consider a nice deep rug, instead. Whatever you do, take measures to stop your feet from being cold in the morning or at night.

Feeling Inspired? It’s Time to Transform that Bedroom!

Go on! Now that you have the know-how, there’s really no excuse to put it off.

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