4 Tips for Home Improvements in the Spring

Last Updated on December 11, 2021 by Kravelv

Home improvements are sometimes specific to certain times of the year. Certainly, in the summer, there are renovation projects that benefit from the greater outdoor light and longer days. However, in winter and moving toward spring, different improvements make more sense to get competed. Here are four tips for home improvements to work on in the New Year and into the spring.

spring home improvements

Get the Gutters Fixed

The wintertime is when you’re most likely to appreciate that your guttering has seen better days. This is because any broken part of it will have leaked water. It may not necessarily have moved directly to the drains either. Instead, it may have pooled, frozen over, and created a slipping hazard for you and your family.

Getting the gutters replaced by professionals like Rock Solid Exteriors is preferable over risking climbing on an unsteady ladder and being off-balance trying to do the work yourself. If you think about how a broken arm would affect doing your job, then it’s surely going to give you second thoughts, and rightly so. Get the help needed.

Garden Clean-up

When you haven’t touched the backyard and garden area in weeks or longer, it’s going to be looking a bit disheveled. Get out the rake and use it to clean under and near overhanging branches because there could be leaves or twigs on the ground. If there’s debris the rake runs right through, then collect it up using a shovel and a trash bag to remove it without blocking the drains.

Give the plants the once over to remove anything that’s blown into their space. Add fertilizer or enriched soil when needed too. Give them the best chance to get stronger after a tough winter. Also, pay attention to lawn care. It’ll need mowing, and the edges trimmed. Run the water sprinklers over it and be sure to resolve any thinning areas before the summer sun dries it out.

Review the Basement

If you have a basement, check it out to see what condition it’s in. Examine the walls for new cracks. Look for pools of water suggesting moisture has entered the basement area. If so, mop it up and then use either a dehumidifier or packs of moisture-absorbent charcoal to dry any residual moisture that you cannot see. Also, check with a flashlight for holes in walls near the ground. This would suggest that pests may have gotten inside. You’ll need to address that to avoid them reaching the rest of the home.

Examine the Exterior

The home suffers the worst through the colder months. Examine the exterior for any obvious signs of trouble that should be fixed sooner rather than later. Look for ants that have made a home. Check for broken or chipped brickwork too. If you have siding along the exterior walls, examine it for infestation, water damage, etc.

Lastly, do a spring clean inside the home. It’s always best to do so after you’ve spent the winter inside. Give the place a spruce up because you’ll be too busy enjoying good summer weather later on.

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