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How to Turn Even the Smallest Apartment into a Love Nest

You have finally made the plunge and moved in with your significant other. Whether it is a bachelor pad turned couple’s retreat or a completely new spot that the two of you can call your own, it goes without saying that you will want to add a touch of personality to your new home.

Although you dream of the great big house with an even bigger garden to boot, the reality is that your first home, unless you have saved for years and years and years, will be something a little more modest. There’s nothing wrong with that as everyone has to start somewhere and, regardless of space (or a lack thereof), even the smallest apartment can be transformed into the ultimate love nest.


It’s an obvious one, but pictures on the wall really give that personal touch that nothing else does. Pictures of vacations, celebrations or just for the want of taking pictures all create a loving story in any love nest, serving as a reminder of where you come from and where you are today.

Small and cute picture frames make for great ornaments on shelves, while digital frames allow you to showcase more than one picture at a time. Create a slideshow of memories, showcasing your favourite pictures together (or apart!) in a way that makes for a great conversational piece.

Treats around the Home

After a long day, you might want to get your romance on and show your partner a good time. What better way to woo them than to place small treats around the house such as small luxury chocolate, leading a trail to your room of choice. Even if your significant other has gluten intolerance (or prefers a gluten-free diet), if you click here you can find some chocolatey treats that are perfect.

It isn’t just chocolates, of course, that serves as a fantastic treat. Flowers (rose petals, in particular) set a truly romantic mood. Complemented with candlelight and the smooth tones of Barry White filling the silence, love is truly in the air.

Cuddle Chairs

Why have one chair each when you can buy a chair that is designed for you to cuddle on? A chair that is designed for cuddles! What’s not to love? This is the ideal piece of furniture that every couple needs for movie night.

With a warm blanket and a couple of scatter cushions, a cuddle chair tops any reclining chair that separates you from your dearly beloved. Embrace each other as you settle down for the evening for some Netflix and chill.

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Hard Work

The most important thing that you can bring into any home in order to turn it into your love nest is hard work. This means do not expect one half to continually pick up after the other – you have to work as a team. If one person cooks, then perhaps the other should offer to do the washing up.

Together, you will decide on decoration that will turn your first place into a home and somewhere that you can retire at the end of a long and stressful day. After all, all that we really want is somewhere to call our own, don’t we?

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