10 Trendy and Cost-Efficient House Designs

Last Updated on September 23, 2023 by Kravelv

Designing your dream house should be simple, affordable, and use the best choices of materials such as OSB. These designs are some of the best ways of achieving an affordable house while maximizing the available space. By opting to work for these 10 designs, you’ve just taken a huge step towards achieving a trendy house at an affordable price. Keep reading to learn more about these designs.

1. Country house design

Country house plan conveys a rural but unwinding way of life while paying keen attention to where you intend to construct your house. It comes with a spacious living room and kitchen. The project is basic and anyone can understand the concept behind it. A country-style house is constructed off-site and the unit supplier delivers the building materials to the location by truck. Other materials are prepared on-site.

2. Farmhouse design

Ordinarily, farmhouse plans include rambling floor designs with plenty of reasonable space for relaxing, dining, and relaxing located at the home’s focal point. The design concentrates largely on the living room as well as the master and secondary rooms’ location.

This design includes a simple, rectangular home design (either a one-story or two-story floor plan). Therefore, it will save you plenty of finances during construction. It also has wide foot ranges and a huge kitchen.

3. Craftsman-style house design

Craftsman-style house designs offer a natural feel with its low-threw rooftops that are upheld by stone docks and uncovered rafters. It comes with open kitchens and dazzling rooms decorated with wood details. Besides, these designs are simple, downplayed, nature-oriented, and most importantly, affordable.

4. Rustic design

The rustic design is inspired by nature, utilizing raw materials such as stone and wood. It’s designed by using outdoor accessories and other materials such as reclaimed wood floors or vaulted ceilings. This type of design is cost-efficient as it doesn’t require a huge chunk of cash to set up.

5. Contemporary cottage style

The contemporary cottage style involves a two-story home with ample living room space. This makes it the ideal vacation house. It features two porches (at the front and the back), one garage bay, a sun deck, two full baths, as well as two bedrooms. The special features that come with this design include a game room, walk-in closet, and laundry room.

6. Texas design

The Texas-style home features two floors with four bedrooms, one half bath, and three full baths. This home design is ideal for a family with two or three kids. It comes with three garage bays and one porch. Considering the enormous living space and the design, it’s not priced expensively.

7. Colonial design

This design looks elegant yet imposing at the same time. With this style, you will get an adequate room. It comes with one half bath, three full baths, and five bedrooms. The master bedroom is on the main floor as well as the family room and dining area. The rest of the bedrooms are located on the top floor.

8. Victorian style

If you’re a fan of the Victorian style with steep gables, embellished exterior rims, and signature towers, then this could be your dream house. It’s neither too big nor too small. Although the rooms may look quite jammed together, the home has a balcony, a basement, a fireplace, and a guest suite.

9. Italianate design

This is a two-story home that resembles a movie setting about Italian wealthy families. There are no doubts regarding its tasteful and classy design. The living space is also sufficient and it comes with a huge garage that can fit two cars and plenty of storage space. With this design, you also get two porches and two bedrooms each with its bathroom.

10. Beach style

This is an affordable yet trendy home design. Although the home is small, it is the best home for one or two people who don’t like driving around in a car. This is the most cost-efficient house design if you’re looking to leave near the beach.

The Bottom Line

Cost-efficient home designs can be an extraordinary way of keeping your house-building project on a budget. Many mortgage holders often find the idea of designing a spic and span house as expensive. Therefore, it is important to find cheap and moderate arrangements for the project.

Are you having financial concerns? Don’t worry. Many people are often concerned about the cost implications when designing their homes. So, take a look at these trendy and cost-efficient designs mentioned above.