Top Tips for Renovating Your Bathroom 

Last Updated on January 6, 2023 by Kravelv

Remodelling your bathroom is an exciting but daunting prospect. It’s one of the most essential rooms in your home, which you will want to be functional but relaxing, so it’s important to get it right. There are so many choices to make, so if you’re unsure of where to start, follow our top tips for the perfect bathroom renovation. 

bathroom tile renovation
Image by Siala from Pixabay

Ask Questions 

Before you start any planning, review your current situation. Think about what doesn’t work in your existing bathroom and why you want to change it. Consider your daily routine, and this will dictate the layout. What is your budget? How much storage do you need? Do you want to rip everything out or keep it the same?

These are vital questions which will dictate the extent of the renovation and how much money you will need to spend. If you want to restyle, then this will be a quicker and less costly project than renovating the entire room – plumbing included.

Think About Space

If you have a small bathroom, then one way to maximise the space is by introducing wall-hung basins and units. This allows you to have more floor space and makes the room feel much bigger than it is. 

Consider how you can create a more functional and open bathroom with your current layout. For example, a walk-in shower can make a bathroom seem airy and spacious, or you can install heated towel rails that double up as heating and a place to leave your towels. 

Shower or Bath?

One of the biggest decisions to make when it comes to bathroom remodelling is whether to have a bath, shower, or both. This will be dictated by your personal preferences as well as whether you have children. Baths are perfect for little ones, so if you’re living in a family area and plan to sell one day, this would boost the value of your home. If you’re someone who loves long soaks in the bath, but you have limited space, then choosing to focus on a luxurious bath might be the best choice for you. However, showers are back in trend, so if you have the space, consider a shower/tub combination. These hit all the marks for function and relaxation. 

Pick the Right Flooring 

There are many beautiful options out there when it comes to bathroom flooring, but make sure you don’t get swept away by design that you forget about function. The right flooring depends on your family. If you have children or pets, vinyl flooring is an excellent option because it is waterproof, easy to clean, and looks stylish. If you opt for sheet vinyl flooring, you can floor a small bathroom with a single width of a sheet, meaning you won’t have to deal with any seams. 

Add Plants

Make your bathroom a beautiful, colourful space with plants. Not only will they help make the room relaxing, but they are also good at regulating air quality, which is a great bonus.

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