Tips on How to Maximise Space in Your Small House

Last Updated on June 7, 2023 by Kravelv

When you have a small house, the biggest struggle is to get some additional space. Cramped living conditions are not a pleasant experience for anyone. However, you can make simple changes to increase your home’s potential living area. Here are several of them that you can quickly implement.

Don’t forget the space underneath the stairs

If your house has a set of stairs, you might forget to use the space underneath them. Without solid support, you don’t want to fill the space. Maybe a few support pillars are necessary. This approach will allow you to use the hollow space underneath the stairs. You can use it for storage if you are still uneasy about the stairs collapsing. However, if you are more adventurous, you can make it into a little nook for work or relaxing.

Redesign your bathroom

Bathrooms take up a lot of space. You should maximise the space inside by installing various things like a walk in shower enclosure. Instead of a bathtub that takes up double the area, you can use a shower for bathing for half the space. Additionally, using towel racks and wall shelving can save a lot of space inside the bathroom.

Beds have space underneath

The space it occupies might seem like a waste if you have a large bed. However, there is a place people forget about: the area underneath the bed. It is perfect for storage as long as you have the right boxes. Long, wide boxes are ideal for clothes and dresses. You can place them underneath the bed and slip them out when necessary. It can potentially lessen the need for an additional closet since you store the clothes underneath the bed. Leave the closet for the ones you frequently use while special ones go in the bed storage.

Use the walls

You should seriously consider mounting various things on the walls. Wall-mounted shelving is perfect if you provide additional support for it. It helps keep the floor clean from clutter. Additionally, you can mount a large television. Thanks to flat screens, it is ideal to do so, especially with the right weight. You can fully mount your entertainment system to have more space available.

Create dual-purpose rooms

If possible, you should try to have more dual-purpose rooms. For example, instead of a separate kitchen and dining room, you can have them in one place. Separate the cooking area from the dining area, and you can have something that works. Fold-out tables are perfect for this, with additional seating used only when visitors are there. Another potential double room is a laundry and basement storage. It would help if you cleaned it out regularly, but it should be doable. Laundry will also be easier to manage if it is in the basement.

Final thoughts

Maximising space in your home ensures that you can live a more relaxed life. The tips above ensure that you can do it quickly and affordably. Implement the changes now so you and your family can move around more in your home.

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