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Top 3 Reasons You Have a Blocked Drain

Let us not sugar-coat this issue, experiencing a blocked drain in Sydney is unpleasant, mainly when you are in the state capital of New South Wales and the most populous city in Australia. It is not only a major inconvenience at home, but clogged drains are rather repulsive; they are contaminated with bacteria and create an odor-inducing hazard for everybody. It is a hassle that any resident in Sydney will encounter at least once in their lifetime, and unless you do not fix it quickly, there might be a good possibility that it will cause you serious health problems along with them on the trip.

Between foreign bodies that have unintentionally dumped down the toilet to a thick build-up of dirt, hair, and soap, there are several reasons you have a blocked drain. Fully understanding how each problem is caused can become a chance of prevention against it.

Here are the top 3 reasons you have a blocked drain in Sydney and what you can do about it:

Wipes and fat

Among the most common causes of a clog is by flushing and draining items that you should not, and the main offenders are wipes and fats. Sydney Water serves 4.6 million consumers throughout Greater Sydney, and it has been calculated that more than a million people are flushing down their wipes. One resident with a blocked drain in Sydney even had a plumbing bill costing $16,000 to fix their drainage problem caused by wet wipes. Cleaning wipes of all sorts and even those that are labeled “flushable” do not disintegrate as toilet tissue would so they will accumulate in the waterways and gradually obstruct them. Fats can also create significant issues given how they solidify in the pipes, especially once they are stuck with fibrous objects such as wipes.

What you can do: This one is simple, do not drop anything but toilet paper down the toilet and what’s necessary and get rid of fats and scraps responsibly through your residential refuse.

Foreign objects

The drains can also be obstructed from the outside. Debris, stones, and leaves falling down the pipes, people deliberately pouring stuff that they should not, like paint, and tree roots. These can ultimately lead to blockages. In fact, tree roots are the primary culprits when forming a blocked drain in Sydney which can conflict with your sewage pipes to the degree that they are destroyed. Roots can cause the tubes to break, which causes them to leak or even grow into the pipes that will obstruct the water flow.

What you can do: Consider setting up covers over your drains to prevent foreign objects from being thrown into the grates. Since you cannot see underground, keep a watch on every tree on your premises, especially the old, bigger ones. If you see roots creating specific problems like breaking pathways or growing up out of the ground, then they would even potentially cause issues, and it might be best to call a skilled plumbing company in Sydney to bring a camera in to inspect the pipes.

Pipe structural problems

Pipes breaking down can also cause leaks and blockages. Terracotta pipes can weaken and collapse from pressure, and fiberglass pipes can be crushed, which decreases the size and restricts water flow. Subsidence can damage underground pipelines. If a drain issue is not resolved, the City of Sydney can interfere if there is a threat to public welfare. The city will investigate concerns regarding private drains which have not been addressed, and they have the authority to issue an order under Local Government Act 1993 and the Protection of the Environment Operations Act 1997, to fix broken sewage systems and guarantee that the property is maintained.

What you can do: As this is all underground, it is challenging to know if there is an issue unless you are having problems. A survey through correlation technology by a qualified plumbing company in Sydney is the only way to determine if there is an issue. It may be a more cost-effective route to take than waiting for leakage in the property.

Blocked drainage is one of the common residential, commercial, and industrial plumbing concerns in Sydney. Clogged or damaged drainage systems can prevent toilet facilities and other facilities from functioning correctly and may even lead to a back-up of sewage materials resulting in flooding and contamination. A blocked drain could not be handled with a basic plunger or an over-the-counter chemical without complications, so you might as well contact a professional in Sydney before you cause further damage or get apprehended by the law.

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