Top Tips to Prepare for a Major Home Renovation Project

Girl preparing for a renovation project

Last Updated on August 9, 2023 by Kravelv

There comes a time when many homeowners are ready and raring to go with a major home improvement project. However, when it’s a task that could result in weeks or even months of disruption and debris, it’s certainly worth being prepared for it. There are plenty of actions that you can take that will get you and your house into the very best position. Here are a few of them to consider.

Have a plan and timeframe in place

You need to have a clear plan in place. While home improvement projects often run over the timeline, you still need to have the framework firmly in place. Otherwise, it can end up dragging on indefinitely and causing disruption for far longer than needed. This will also help with ensuring that your project stays on budget and doesn’t spiral out of control. This timeframe needs to be agreed with all workers that you have on the project, as well as communicating with your neighbors who need to know exactly how long they’ll be living next to a building site.

Declutter your home

It’s going to be easier for everyone involved if your home isn’t full of clutter when it’s being worked on. A major home improvement job gives the perfect excuse to do the decluttering that you’ve been putting off. This way, your home will feel fresh again when the work is done. Also, all your team won’t end up tripping over anything and everything. This could also be a perfect opportunity to sell anything on or simply donate to charity if you’d prefer.

Work out which rooms you can access

If you have a big enough home, you may be able to minimize the disruption in your own life by portioning off part of the house and living there over the period of the renovation work. For example, if you’re looking at a roof repair service or having a loft conversion, you may be able to live in the downstairs portion of the house rather than being near to the work area.

Make practical plans

There are all sorts of practicalities that you may need to consider during the work. For example, while you may want to stay at home during the whole time, one or more nights in a hotel may be necessary at some point down the line.

Also, you need to think about what you’re going to cook during the work or if you’ll be living on takeaways. Think about access to bathroom facilities if there are any times when the water needs to be turned off. If you’re ready for any and all disruptions, this will help to keep them as minimal as possible.

Final words

All these steps will help to get you ready for your home improvement project, so now’s the time to take the necessary steps as it’s much better to get the ball rolling at the earliest possible opportunity and get your project done successfully and on time.

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