Property Planning – Everything To Keep In Mind When Visiting A Display Home

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Visiting a display home is an essential part of the process if you’re planning on buying into a new development or apartment complex. Getting a visual and spatial overview of a property can help you to understand its dimensions in a more visceral way than through a picture or a video, while also allowing you the opportunity to ask direct questions to your agent or sales representative.

A Blank Slate

One of the hardest things to get past when visiting display homes is the interior design. After visiting a plethora of display homes in Sydney, you might find that the main differentiator between homes is the choice of decor, which is a worrying (if effective) distraction from the decision at hand.

A much-utilised sales technique by realtors and builders (similar to the private market technique known as ‘home staging’) involves creating an aspirationally designed space which draws interest and focus to selected areas. Your job as a viewer or as a prospective buyer is to see past the decoration and straight through to the potential of the home.

Is the home a decent blank canvas for you and your family? Does it offer the necessary space and facilities you require? Is the layout logical? If you can manage to focus on the bigger picture questions, you will begin to visit display homes with a more goal oriented mindset – putting you in a better position to make important decisions.

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Make A Connection

When visiting a display home, it’s important to look away from the home momentarily to look at a map. Take note of the location of the home, and try to picture yourself in the area. Is the location suited to the needs of your family?

Convenience plays a huge part in our decisions regarding living spaces. Do not underplay the importance of accessible utilities such as shops, transportation options and convenient access to schools. These factors will have a daily impact on your ability to live in a house, and will arguably affect your quality of life more than any design details or inclusions.

Devote a little bit of time to researching the area before visiting the home. Try a local cafe and attempt to position yourself in the neighbourhood. It may influence the way you view the home, and may help alter your decision making process.

Inclusions Matter

The inclusions in a display home matter, and the way important elements of the home are conveyed play into deep-set consumer psychology profiles. In order to avoid assuming that ‘what you see is what you get’, be prepared to ask questions.

Questions such as ‘are the fancy inclusions on display included for any potential buyer?’ and ‘do I incur extra charges for these selections’ are important to qualify with your agent or salesperson as early as possible. In many cases, the most expensive and high-quality fittings are placed into the display home in order to attract customer interest. You may find that the ones included as standard are of a lower quality. It always pays to ask.

Basic Knowledge

Further to the point on inclusions, make sure you’re viewing a version of the home that you’re most likely to purchase. In many cases, the display models most keenly touted to potential buyers are for the most luxurious, costly option.

If you’re interested in the smallest (or most entry level) dwelling on offer, make sure to ask if you can see an example of it. By doing so, you will have a more realistic idea of what to expect if you choose to purchase the property, while also getting a better understand of the space and layout.

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Viewing a display home can be an exciting, if somewhat confusing time. By arming yourself with a set of questions and a few preparatory manoeuvres, you can best position yourself to make an informed, effective decision.

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