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Tips to Find the Best Kitchen Benchtop Stone

It is a well-known fact that Kitchen is one of the most important areas of the house because it sees lots of actions throughout the day. People prepare breakfast, lunch, and dinner inside the kitchen and they used to chop their vegetables on their benchtop. Prior to the construction of the house, pay special attention to the bench tops to get the desired results. You can find different kinds of benchtops in the market such as marble benchtops, granite, natural stone and limestone benchtops. You can choose the durable and sturdy benchtop for your kitchen and always choose the stone benchtop to get better longevity.

Tips to Choose the Best Stone Benchtops for your Kitchen

Setting the budget: The homeowner needs to formulate the budget accordingly so that the best kitchen benchtop stone can be created at affordable prices. There are numerous options available in the market whoever you can choose any one of them based on the requirements and specifications. You should make sure that the quality of the benchtop should fit within your price range.

Granite surfaces: Granite engineering surfaces are quite popular among a large number of people. It is an extremely hard material that goes a long way in delivering sterling results to the users. Granite is a dense product that has good wear and tear characteristics. Due to the presence of sealer, the water is not able to percolate inside the surface.

Engineered stone: It comprises of 95% quartz chip and 5% bonding agent. During fabrication and installation, the surface plays an important role to provide unique colors and patterns. Due to a high thickness, the surface is ideal for usage in the kitchen and other areas.

Laminated tops: One of the most important factors is the laminated top that incorporates a range of palettes for the users. There are numerous types of finishes and patterns that go a long way in delivering sterling results to the users. Stainless steel is a wonderful proposition for the users. Sinks are welded directly into the stainless steel to ensure a consistent and seamless surface.

Bamboo and the impeccable butcher black: Bamboo is a wonderful material imparting rustic look to the home. It is also eco-friendly and not an expensive option. People who want an oiled finish should supply the oil in order to prevent cracking and drying of the material. If the liquid is spilled on the top, it is removed with the help of the soapy water. But it is better to avoid these bamboo and timber benchtops and replace them with some stone benchtops because stone one can provide you better longevity and you can easily clean the stone surface in normal way.

Polished concrete: Polished concrete is great value of money buy however it is only for people who prefer industrial appearance. Cement is added to the concrete to create a unique color in an impeccable manner. One should not drop or knock the concrete from the corners and the edges. After the abrasion test, fewer scratch marks are added to the mix.

Marble is still popular: Marble is one of the most important materials which are used to create top of the range kitchen countertops. Marble is porous and is prone to water leakage however it can be sealed to block the flow of liquid.

Porcelain is another material that is light-weight and is available in large slab sizes. It is not only used for the kitchen benchtop stone but can also be deployed for making furniture. In short, you should select the material according to the requirements and specifications so that it lasts for a very long time.

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