What Kind of Benchtops Fits In Your Kitchen

Last Updated on April 12, 2022 by Kravelv

We have a lot of areas in our house, we have our living room, our bedroom and a lot more. The most important part of the room and used daily by family or homeowners is the kitchen. We always know that the kitchen is the most used place on the room, rather than the living room most of the guest always go to the kitchen. Also, most of the get together is done in the kitchen.

With these types of traffic and daily use, homeowners must need good benchtops. Benchtops that can handle all the work that is done in a kitchen from cooking till dining. Below are the most recommended type benchtops in every kitchen:

Granite Benchtop

This benchtop is too expensive based over the quality you choose, and also all at once, you’ve got the choice to purchase a product that is of top quality still pocket-friendly. They’re attractive towards the eye and manufactured to endure large loads. Regardless of whether you put a range hot-pot or cut fruit and vegetables, it’ll withstand the type of task. Furthermore, they are extremely simple to clean up. Spilled anything? Clean it off making use of a damp cloth or sponge. You might not even be needed to make use of any soap.

Granite benchtops are the very best amongst stone benchtops. Intensive testing. Natural and come numerous patterns. One drawback, however, is sealing. This again is not a serious issue as sealing may just require after a decade has passed. By that time, probably you will already be thinking to get your kitchen remodeled.

Limestone Benchtop

Limestone is often a soft, heat resistant stone benchtop. You can purchase a limestone benchtop in a store by the square foot. It looks fabulous to the eye; however, it is not a wise investment. Its beauty is marred by its porous nature. Could be spending most of the time battling the spills and stains. Moreover, compared to other stone benchtops may be also more prone to scratches and cuts. So, think before selecting a limestone benchtop.

Marble Benchtop

Being a biological stone no marble slab will be similar yet another. Marble benchtops are preferred by those who favor decor over functionality. The distinctive swirls and veins appearing on marble add a class to your decor. They are however not the best among other stone benchtops. They are porous and react to acids and food colorings such as vinegar and turmeric. With the passage time, your marble benchtop will begin to get rid of its original color, along with requiring polish.

Know you have sufficient information about the different type of stone benchtop that is offered in the market. You are ready to purchase the right benchtop for your kitchen. You can also check this link to know more about kitchen benchtops: https://kitchencraftsmen.com.au/kitchen/benchtops/

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