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Tips to Cool Your House When The Temperature Rises Outside

Sweaty, damp, sticky…

These terms are often associated with summers when the scorching heat tries to hamper our normal day-to-day life. Obviously, we have no control over the heat, but we can take appropriate measures to tone down the impact.

Here’s how you can keep your home cool even on hot sunny days.

Reflect the heat with the help of blinders

Keep the curtains closed and avoid the 30% of the heat that comes into your home through windows. It does that by either reducing or reflecting the direct sunlight entering the house.

When the amount of sunlight is minimized, it’s easy to keep the temperature in control. Consider not using those dark-colored drapings in summers as dark colors absorb more heat than others. You can also opt for blackout curtains to block the sunlight rays from entering your home.

Go For The Obvious Option- Turn the AC on

When the heat waves are not leaving you, it’s time to turn the Air conditioner on. The thumb rule is to choose the right AC for your home. The right AC will not only provide you a cool atmosphere instantly but also will save you from hefty electricity bills.

You can find the brands by searching for appropriate options using online websites for your house or visit for more information about the right AC choices.However, make sure to sign in for preventive agreements to extend the life of your system.

Also, while using the AC, make sure all the doors and windows are locked properly. It will stop the air from passing out from the rooms. This way you can keep your room cool for a long time. Don’t use AC continuously. Please give it a frequent rest by turning off the AC before sleeping or set it on sleeping mode.

Don’t set the AC temperature on cold temperatures. Keep it around 26° to 29° celsius. This temperature is suitable for giving you a pleasant atmosphere, and your body won’t suffer from heat difference when you step out.

Plant the shady trees

Did you ever notice the effect when you pass through an aisle covered with plenty of green trees? The rustling sound of leaves, the pleasant smell of soil, and the mild cool breeze not only please your bodies but also makes you feel refreshed.

Why not do the same for your home? Fill your garden with shade-providing trees. It will serve you for a long time. The trees will halt the path of direct sunlight. Hence, they will serve you with a cool atmosphere by reducing the temperature around the house.

When you have a shady garden, your children can enjoy summer activities outside without getting tortured by the heat.

When it’s night, let the wind in

Take the blinds off during the nighttime. It’s the best time to flush out the stagnant air from the house and fill it with a cool breeze. All you have to do is, open up the windows when the temperature falls and close them again early in the morning. This cross-breeze process will help you to keep the temperature down by some degrees. The cooler air in the house will allow you to start a fresh morning.

Wrapping up

So, above were some amazing tactics that can help you to reduce the temperature of your house. We can’t control the sun outside, but we can control the temperature inside by using some creative ideas. Follow the above points, and don’t let the heat ruin the fun of this beautiful season.

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