Tips to Prevent Your Delivered Package from Being Stolen!

Last Updated on March 7, 2022 by Kravelv

Nowadays, the rage for online shopping is finding no ends and why not? It has made getting the best of things so easy. The idea of your favorite T-shirt or a gadget being delivered just at your doorstep is pretty exciting; just like a Christmas gift from Santa!

However, the rise in online shopping has also increased the opportunity for the thieves to swipe away the packages left at doorsteps. Will someone take away your parcel because you were not there to receive it in person would obviously be disheartening!  But, you can make sure that you don’t fall victim to something like this by having package lockers to secure your packages. If that still don’t work, let us look some ways to protect your packages.

Let us see what can be done to keep our orders out of the clutches of bandits:

Mount Security Camera Systems!

Tips to Prevent Your Delivered Package from Being Stolen2

Installing a security camera for home isn’t a costly endeavor anymore. In fact, these protection aids are far more affordable these days. And, the tranquility that they offer is also wondrous.

Surveillance systems can play an effective role in deterring potential thieves. In case your package gets missed, camera footage of the thief can benefit a great deal in helping police catch them. Also, if someone tries to damage the parcel, you would know who that is.

Good Neighbors Help!

If you can’t be at home to receive the packet, find someone who can do the same for you. Talk to a close neighbor or a relative living nearby and ask if they would hold on to your delivery. All you need to ensure is that the people from whom you are asking the favor are trustworthy since it can get a bit tricky to get the package back from an intractable person.

Warning Signs are Effective!

A board displaying “CCTV cameras are gazing at you” or You are being guarded by an HD security system would markedly specify the invaders to find a way out of the premises right away. Such warning signs induce the fear of being captured by the surveillance system (even though you may not have one) in the thief. There is great probability that this would stop him from attempting any untoward activity. Thus, these signs can highly protect your home and belongings.

Get it delivered at your Workplace!

If you can’t stay back at home to receive the delivery, get the merchandise delivered to your workplace instead. There are 24 hour delivery service providers that will ensure that your package is delivered at any time in your workplace. Unless your workplace forbids any deliverable, you are most likely to receive or collect your goods safely and on time.

Tips to Prevent Your Delivered Package from Being Stolen1

Signature Confirmation helps!

Signature confirmation is the best way out to ensure safe delivery of your products. Do ask your sender to deliver only after receiving the signature. This will confirm that the order gets delivered only to you and isn’t left out in the open. If you aren’t available at home, the delivery service leaves your bundle at a local post office or a facility, from where you can pick it up at any later time. In addition to this, requiring a signature can also aid in solving any of the disputes over inappropriate delivery, if something of that sort arises.

Sign Up for Courier Alerts

Courier alerts let you know the exact status of the delivery of your products. Many couriers like UPS, Fedex, and united states post office services are very transparent about their schedules and deliveries. Thus, it becomes extremely easy for you to track down the whereabouts of your parcel and get an accurate delivery date and time. Most of them give you free apps too, making it possible for you to receive notifications on your phone the very second your stuff gets delivered!

Don’t let a stolen packages ruin your excitement and drag you into the hassles of finding it back! Be a little more attentive, take preventive measures and your bundle won’t be exposed to thieves! We hope this article will help you do the same.

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