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Tips for placing a TV in the living room

With TVs now almost inconceivably thin yet expanding in width, correct placement in the living room isn’t as easy as you might expect. You need to take into account viewing angles, available space and potential clashes with the room decor.

So, in this post, we’re going to attempt to tackle every TV placement-related query in one go with our essential guide to installing a TV in the living room.

  1. Place it above the fireplace

It’s the eternal question: what works better above the fireplace, a TV or that lovely big mirror? In truth, the final decision rests with your individual taste. A mirror will deliver the tried and tested space-enhancing effect, but in many rooms, the most convenient location for a TV will be somewhere central, and as most fireplaces occupy that space, it may be the obvious home for your set.

  1. Ensure sunlight won’t invade your viewing experience

Avoid placing the TV where it will be consistently bathed in bright sunlight. Even with anti-glare technology, you’ll struggle to enjoy your favourite boxsets during particularly sunny days. If possible, place your TV side on to the main window or, better still, in front of it.

  1. Add it to a ‘gallery’

You can achieve a gallery effect by adding your TV to a wall adorned with photos, art and shelving. Mix its neighbours up in any way you like (different-sized prints, varying shades of wood for shelves, etc) for a unique, engaging home for your TV.

  1. Make use of an alcove

If your living room has a chimney breast, you may have alcoves either side and one of them could be the perfect home for your TV. The recess will enable you to hide the tangle of cables and keep the TV flush with the breast wall, enabling it to slide effortlessly into the room unnoticed.

  1. Hide it

If you find TVs rather garish or would simply prefer for yours to be out of sight when not in use, why not hide it? Pop it in an attractive concealed cupboard to ensure your TV doesn’t become the centrepiece of your living room yet can be easily accessed when needed.

  1. Tuck it into a corner

If you’re not too bothered about having the biggest screen money can buy, opt for the smallest TV that will still provide a decent viewing experiencing yet be compact enough to slot into a corner of the room. That way, it’ll contribute to the room without dominating it.

  1. Place it within a shelf

If you’re a bookworm and would like your TV to play second fiddle to your collection of novels, you can do a lot worse than place it within a bookshelf. There are plenty of options when it comes to long, ceiling-height shelving that will easily incorporate a moderately-sized TV, thus preventing it from dominating the room while still offering great viewing angles for all.


If the above tips prove anything, it is that your TV doesn’t have to be the centre of attention. It should accentuate your living room’s design, while being functional when required and unobtrusive when switched off.

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