8 Different Local Pest Control Method We Should Apply At Home

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To keep our houses in good shape and can last for years, good management of pest control is required to make it habitable as much as possible. As we all know, pest can destroy the cleanliness of our house or office and can actually create unimaginable damages on cabinets, flooring and even the foundation of the home structure. Pest can also be a threat to person’s health if not given enough attention.

Pest control is refers to as a regulation of a species which is considered as a pest. One of the reasons of having pests at home is the improper waste management. Another one would be the ever evolving living organisms which our naked eyes cannot see or not familiar with and a threat to everything.

There are three types of pest control that we should know and can be applied to our houses or kit homes, read below:

Biological Pest Control.

This refers to the control and management of natural predators and parasites. Basically, this type of pest control is all about elimination of pests with minimal harm to ecological balance of our environment.

Mechanical Pest Control.

This type of pest control involves the use of hands-on technique, simple equipment or devices just like what various pest exterminator companies are using. It also composed of natural ingredients that protect plants from insects.

Physical Pest Control.

This type of pest control involves removing insects and small rodents by attacking, creating some barriers that will put off additional destruction of one’s plants, or forcing insect infestations to become visual.


As for the pest control management, we can do the following method:

Eliminates the Breeding Ground. This can be done by proper waste management. We should always look after our garbage and segregate them properly in order to control pests.

Poisoned Bait. According to local pest exterminator companies, this method is common for controlling the population of rats. However, the method is not that effective because of the presence of other food sources like garbage.

Field Burning. This one is a traditional method specially on harvesting sugar cane. After that, the field will be burned to kill all the eggs and insects.


Use of Pesticides. The spraying of pesticides is common among household to kill off mosquitoes, houseflies and cockroaches. It is also being used over farmland to control pests that cause damage on crops. However, using pesticides can cause cancer and other health problems for humans.

The pest control and exterminator from different states said that there are two methods under pesticides which are space fumigation (uses deadly gas that is effective for 3 days and kills off all life stages of pests) and space treatment (involves fogging and liquid insecticide is being dispersed in the atmosphere).

Sterilization. Here, soil sterilization can kill pests through hot steam that will be induced into the soil.

Hunting. An old tradition of controlling pests. Like in old Europe, when dogs become a threat, people will gather to kill the animal.

Traps. Usually being used to terminate mice and rats. Just find out what kind of pest you are going to eliminate.

Destruction of Infected Plants. If a large number of trees/plants are infected with pests like termites, these trees should be destroyed.

Pests can do huge damaging to our properties and all we need to do is control and eliminate them. A good practice proper waste management all the time will help in lessening the increase in population of pests.


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