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A Tile Saw Keeps Tile Projects Inexpensive And Makes DIY Easy

DIY home improvement jobs are not only truly rewarding but also can save you a ton of cash.  You will need the right tools for the job however. And when it comes to cutting tile that means a tile saw.  So here’s a fast guide to what you need to know about this incredibly useful tool.

Cutting Tile

When installing a tile project it’s inevitable that you will have to make some cuts and many times quite a large number of them.  While some saws may look similar to a table saw, they are in fact very different. To get through tile, these saws use a diamond-coated blade without the sharp jagged teeth employed by other varieties.  The blade is made to grind through the body of the tile instead of rip through it.  This can generate both a lot of heat and dust. Water is therefore used in the cutting process to keep the blade cool and help keep debris to a minimum.  For this reason these power tools are also commonly known as a wet tile saw.

Deciding On A Saw

Not everyone or every installation has the same needs. But if you will be cutting more than a few individual tiles or plan on doing more than one job a saw is usually a must.  For harder materials like natural stone you will need a tile saw to be able to cut through them.  Marble and travertine tiles for example are very commonly used in bathroom and kitchen projects and require a diamond blade to cut them properly.  For tile pros and handymen a full size wet saw is the way to go. Many of these come with excellent accessories to make the job easier such as a laser guide for precision cutting.  There are smaller and much less expensive choices for the average person as well.  If you are looking for best tile saw for DIY use smaller saws made by top manufacturers are both reliable and tough making them a fantastic and reasonable choice that is easy on the wallet.

Keep It Safe

Of course regardless of the size you choose you’ll want to keep it safe.  Wearing the proper safety gear is therefore very important.  Heavy leather gloves are a smart idea for keeping hands and fingers out of harm’s way especially when handling tiles that have just been cut as they can be razor sharp.  Eyewear too is essential and it will help keep debris and dust from getting into your eyes.  And because there is fair amount of dust generated you’ll also need a dust mask to ensure you don’t breathe any of it in while you’re cutting.  One of the most important things to remember is that by taking your time and breaking down your project into small steps you will be able to decrease the likelihood of rushing and making easily avoided safety mistakes.

Being able to do the job yourself is a great way to build up your home improvement skills. A tile saw will help you get it done right and as efficiently as possible.  So be sure to save some cash on your next installation by using one of these essential tools.

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