Equipment And Tools – Buy Or Hire?

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If you are keen on doing your own renovations and always have a project or two waiting for you back home, you probably have a lot of tools in your shed and toolbox. On the other hand, if you are just looking for equipment to help you through a specific project for the time being, it might seem like a crazy move to buy all the tools you will be using. But what when you need something of those tools again? And what if they can come in handy for something else and you chose not to buy them when you had the chance?

Drills and hand tools

No matter what, you should have an electric drill at home because it always comes in handy. Of course, there are industrial drills you can hire if you need to finish some pretty heavy-duty work, but a standard drill with two or three speeds is good to have at home. Such is the case with hands tools as well; always have a box full of screwdrivers and spanners, but if you need another wheelbarrow, shovel pick, etc. you can always hire it.

drills and hand tools

Paint jobs

Painting can be a pain in the neck (and arms), but it is not something you can just avoid doing. By choosing to spray paint your walls, you can finish the job four or five times more quickly and there will be no more of those ugly brush and roller marks on your walls after you are done. While brushes, rollers, and buckets are unavoidable when it comes to painting, airless sprayers are still seen as a luxury tools and people mostly choose to hire them. Different nozzles will also be available so you can paint every nook and corner of your home, but there are some drawbacks. Centre unit should always be loaded with a container of paint and after a while you will notice your hand is getting tired. Plus, they are incredibly difficult to clean, and you have to clan them straightaway or the paint will clog out the mechanism.


Ladders and alternatives

Even though aluminum and wooden ladders can be hired, it is a good idea to have ladders somewhere in your home just in case. You will want to look for cheap telescopic ladders that don’t compromise on quality, such as those you can see at OnBuy, for example. They do not take up too much room, and they are great when you or a member of your family is trying to change the light bulb or hang a picture on the wall. In addition, they are great for kids to climb up and clear the higher shelves of wardrobes. Nevertheless, when it comes to ‘real business’ here, like fixing the façade of your home or the upper floor windows, you will probably want to use an elevated work platform.


Do the numbers add?

Math is the key factor when most people decide whether to buy or hire tools, but they often forget about their long-term usage. How much would it cost to hire and how much to buy a certain tool? If you buy it, would that be useful in your household for some other projects as well? If you hire it, how long do you think you will have to use it? In the end, if you do the math, add the numbers and figure out how often would you use the equipment, and for how long would you need it, you will be able to compare the hire charges with the cost of purchase, thus making the right decision.

Sometimes, some tools will be waiting for months and even years to be used, and they will seem like a failed investment and wasted money. On the other hand, you will curse yourself for not buying what you needed because you keep missing a few handy tools and gadgets. Be wise and always have a packed toolbox at hand, you never know when you will need them.

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