Must Have Accessories for Your Table Saw

Last Updated on March 29, 2022 by Kravelv

The right type of table saw with the right kinds of accessories can be used for more than just cutting wood.  In fact with the right sorts of table saw accessories you will be astounded at the kinds of things you will be able to create.  The only thing that may be preventing you is the confidence in your skills at using this piece of equipment.

So what kinds of accessories are available that you can use in conjunction with your table saw?  Below we take a brief look at a number of these.

  • Accessory 1 – Miter Gauge or Miter Sled

Although table saws are already fitted with this item you should really consider investing in an aftermarket miter gauge or sled.  The sled runs over the blade in both the tracks made by the miter gauge so making tenon joints or notching boards becomes a great deal simpler.  The great thing about the aftermarket types of miter gauges is that they come with positive angle locks so you can not only create angles much faster but more accurately.  Through using either of this table saw accessories not only will be able to complete a job far more quickly but also a lot more accurately.

  • Accessory 2 – Grip Tite Featherboard

This is an essential accessory as protection for your hands as it acts as an additional pair of your own.  This particular table saw accessory uses super strong magnets to help keep the jig in position rather than clamps.  But it also comes with the facility to allow it to be released easily to allow you to then move and reposition it when required.

  • Accessory 3 – Mobile Base

This is something that you should consider investing in if the space you work in is limited and so requires you to move your table saw around.  By putting the table saw onto this base you can then just simply wheel it out when need.

But will ensure that the saw remains in a stable position whilst wood is being cut.  The feet on these types of table saw accessories are adjustable so even if the floor isn’t perfectly even you can alter the length of the legs to ensure that the table is stable.

  • Accessory 4 – Sawdust Collector

Fed up of having to spend ages after using your table saw clearing up the debris to ensure that you don’t track any sawdust into the house then this accessory will prove invaluable.  To use you just simply stick the collector around the base of your table saw using the Velcro strips.   When rolling the saw around a lot then use it in collection mode, however, if you are going to be making vast amounts of dust then alter the shape to the funnel mode and connect to a vacuum cleaner.  In this mode, these can collect around 90% of all sawdust created.

  • Accessory 5 – After Market Splitter

Although this is one of the simplest of all table saw accessories you can purchase today it proves very effective.  It helps to prevent the boards from sliding to the sides or to squeeze in on the back edge of the saw blade.  This particular item is made from polycarbonate and is easy to attach and detach, but will ensure that the cuts you make will be much smoother and safer.

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