Things You should know About The Most Common Cutting Tool – The Drills

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Drilling is the most common operation that may be used to create homes in the easiest, and cheap way. Drill bits are cutting tools that you can use to create holes in the wall or other materials for different uses. These bits come in different sizes, shapes and materials used for various uses. You need drill machine and electrical codes for this purpose. Construction work, carpentry, electrical works etc. need the drills, different drill bits including high quality HSS drills and electrical cords. The cutting action of the drill machine is quite different and it depends on the radius of the drill bits to create the depth of the cut.

Types of HSS Drill Bits

There are various kinds of drill bits available in the market that serves different purposes. The materials used are the basis on which these can be categorized. Steel is commonly used for creating the drill bits that can used with drill machines. The high quality HSS drills and electrical cords is one of such drill bits.


The materials used to build the drill bits are carbon steel, high speed steel or HSS, solid carbide, cobalt steel, tool steel etc. The coating on them could be of titanium nitrite or tin, black oxide and bronze oxide.

  • Counter bore drill bits

These are used to cover the hole with fastener head or prevent the fastener to come out of the material. The blind hole with a small diameter can be created using this drill bit. These are of different material including carbon steel, HSS or carbine tipped with no coatings.

  • Twist Drills

These are the common drill bits used in the daily work of drilling. These are available in various sizes, tip and materials. The ones used for the portable drill machines are available in fractional inch, letter size, wire size and decimal metric millimeter. The bits are available in various styles of tips like taper point, v-point, brad point, conventional drill point, split drill point, and fishtail point.

  • Countersink drill bits

Basically, these are used to make the tapered head to be fixed on the materials like wood or plastics. A tapered surface with a mini center hole can be created using this dill bit.

  • Flat bottom boring drill bits

These are used to drill large holes to fit hinges on the doors, locks, wiring and door knobs etc. Spade bits, forstner bits, mortising bits, door hinge bits and three wing drills are some examples of this kind of bits.

  • Specialty bits

These are different from the above mentioned and are used for the other purposes. The glass and tiles bits, masonry drills, plug cutters, annular cutters etc. are some of the examples of the specialty bits. The materials used for these bits are also very different from the regular ones.

About Buying Drill

When you think about shopping for the drill machines and drill bits, you need to consider a lot of different factors. There are various kinds of drill bits available in the market, so it could be difficult to choose the one for your need. There are different drill machines, drill bits including high quality HSS drills and electrical cords for doing your work. The kind of hole you want to create in the material is the factor on which all decisions are taken.

The first thing you need to consider is the kind of material of drill bit that you need for your work. The HSS bits are common made out of carbon steel with chrome and vanadium for high speed drilling. There are step bits or unibits for soft wood, plastics, plywood etc. The size and the type of tip is the next thing that you must look for. It is ideal for you to buy drill bits of multiple sizes as well as tips for better use of time.

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