Top 5 Tools Everyone Should Own

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A well-equipped toolbox is essential if you want to make home repairs. No matter if you’re making some major improvements or simply hanging a picture on the wall, you’re going to need the right set of tools in order to do the job properly. So, if you don’t own any tools yet, it might just be the right time to start acquiring the equipment that’s going to make all the home repairs and upgrades easier. Below is the list of 5 tools everyone should own. Make sure you check them all out and start building your toolbox arsenal.


This tool is so obvious that it barely needs an explanation. A hammer is something you simply have to own, no matter if you are a handyman or not. For example, if you’re feeling artsy, you need a hammer to hang a picture on your wall. Even if you’re doing some car repairs, you’re most likely going to need a hammer. In case you are not doing any metalwork, a simple wooden-handled hammer is all you’re going to need. Make sure there’s a space for a hammer in your toolbox as hammering nails with the handle of a screwdriver is not something we recommend.

top tools every homeowner should have - hammer


This one is quite obvious, as well. No matter what you are into, you are going to need a couple of these in your toolbox. What is not so obvious is that there you are going to need a few different sizes. Using a wrong size screwdriver might cause slipping which is only going to ruin both the screw and the screwdriver. You need at least two sizes of both slot head and Phillips head screwdrivers. If you intend to make any repairs on glasses or musical instruments, it is a good idea to get a set of precision screwdrivers as well.

top tools every homeowner should have - screwdriver

Tape Measure

A tape measure is a tool every homeowner should have. It’s the tool behind the “measure twice, cut once” adage. No matter if you’re buying kitchen cabinets or building your own backyard deck, a tape measure is an absolute must. Measuring everything before you get to work is surely going to save you a couple of trips to the hardware store. If you’re working on your own, using a small, narrow-bladed tape can be incredibly difficult, so make sure you get a tape measure with a wide blade and thick steel.

top tools every homeowner should have - tape measure

Utility Knife

Utility knife is a tool that has one job – cutting through things. And it surely does it well. No matter if you are slicing linoleum, rubber, plastic, toys or even paper. When making small repairs, there’s usually something that needs to be cut through, so having one of these is highly recommended. Also, when buying new appliances for your home, you’re going to need something to cut through the box. Using a kitchen knife might not always be the best idea as you can easily damage your merchandise.

top tools every homeowner should have - utility knife

Hand Saw

If you intend to do all the work around the house, a hand saw is something you’re going to need as well. Even though there are many quality electric saws you can buy, it’s a good idea to start with a hand saw; especially if you don’t have much experience at sawing and cutting. Still, it’s important to choose a proper saw in order to get the job done. If you happen to be looking for a quality saw in Australia, there is a hardware store in Sydney you should definitely check out. You should never start doing any work unless you are completely sure the hand saw you’re going to use is in a good condition.
top tools every homeowner should have - hand saw

No matter if you want to become a real handyman or just want to get all the work around the house done, these are the most essential tools you should have in your tool box. But, make sure you don’t stop there. Always keep looking for some new tools you can get and learn how to use.

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