Things to Know Before Buying Weed Grinders

Last Updated on November 4, 2021 by Kravelv

When in the market for the best weed grinder, many people are tempted to think it’s a fairly straightforward and simple process. However, the million-dollar question is, is the process of getting the best and clear choice that simple? You have to consider the array of multiple aspects. The good thing is that we will consider the most important considerations here. In the end, you’ll surely be informed prior to making the choice of a weed grinder to buy.

Here are some of the things to know before buying weed grinders:

What Is The Weed Grinder Made Of?

The composition of a grinder is really important to consider. Basically, a grinder is made of three types of materials:

  • Plastic
  • Metal
  • Wood



Are you a nostalgic folk? If yes, then wood grinders are certainly your ideal choice. This is mainly because of their aesthetic appeal. Wood grinders are also lightweight this highly inviting to your hand. What is more is the fact that wood weed grinders don’t have that awful, off-putting smell of plastics or metals. Nonetheless, they suffer from durability issues.


Plastic is also super lightweight. Additionally, you can see through it to the grinding chamber. The fact that plastic weed grinders are highly resistant to fall make them a darling of many. Another solid reason to purchase this kind of a grinder is the fact that it is affordable. Sadly, their static electricity usually causes a frequent and major buildup of the extraneous debris from grinding.


These are usually the best weed grinders due to several top-notch reasons. Primarily, they stand the test of time … they are highly durable. Virtually, destroying them is difficult. If you settle for the premium-anodized kind of alloy, which typically boasts a coating of super hard metal, you’ll surely have settled for an incredible grinder. These grinders have a hard and electrically tempered metal on their teeth. This ensures that their finer points are not only sharper but also longer.

As much as the grinders are high quality, they bring with them a higher price tag compared to the rest.

Look for Known Brands

Settling for the already known brands really makes a huge difference when in the market for weed grinders. You can purchase a crappy made inexpensive aluminum grinder with teeth that break off quite easily as well as gets fragments in your buds. Alternatively, you can invest your cash to a company that manufacturers grinders with a professional grade quality.

The following are some of the popular brands:

  • Space Case
  • Santa Cruz Shredder
  • SharpStone

If you’re in a budget, you can settle for SharpStone. The brand is not only low cost, but it’s also made of great quality materials.

How Many Parts Do You Intend To Have?

These parts range from 1-5 parts. They come in an array of sizes and shapes. To be on the safe side, it’s highly recommended that you purchase a four-piece grinder. With such a grinder, you can collect kief (the THC resin which falls off from the bud whenever it’s grinded up).

In a usual four-piece grinder, the weed that’s grinded up will rub against the mesh screen that’s installed in the grinder. Of great importance to note is the fact that the mesh screen comes in handy in helping the trichomes or resin glands that fall off from the bud. The screen filters usually fit perfectly into their own chamber whether they are stored and saved up. It’s usually known as the kief chamber.



Price is another important consideration to make when buying weed grinders. This factor really depends on your personal preference. Some grinders are pocket friendly and bring with them five pieces. Space Case is a top grinder brand due to their excellent quality. Nonetheless, you have to part with quite some amount of money. Simply put, it is relatively expensive compared to the rest of the grinders.


The warranty aspect is another important thing you need to be aware of. You need to check the particular site’s policy on returns as well as pass through the fine print. The other point is to check the kind of coverage you stand to get in case of anything. Other aspects to consider include; Extended? Limited? How long? Which scenarios are covered?

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