The Value of Window and Door Replacement

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Various factors affect the appearance, comfort, energy efficiency and value of your home. Among those are your windows and doors. These components are designed to remain functional for many years, but what if yours are harboring issues that may compromise their form and function? If this is the case, you should be considering window or door replacement.

Thanks to advancements in technology, you have access to numerous high-quality window and door replacement products. In this post, we discuss the value a window or door replacement project can bring to your home.

Window and Door Replacement: Is It Worth It?

The true value of window and door replacement as home improvement projects can be gauged by looking at their benefits, which include:

  • Lower energy costs – When made with the right materials and packed with the right features, new windows and doors help keep the heat in during winter and out during summer. Ensuring the energy efficiency of windows and doors is important because around 35% of heat escapes through inefficient windows and doors. This is why inefficient windows and doors can lead to higher energy bills.

  • Improved UV protection – If you invest in windows and doors equipped with low-emissivity (low-E) glass, you can expect furniture, fabric and paint, among other items in your home, to last longer. This is because UV rays from the sun, which cause fading, are blocked from entering your home.
  • Maintenance made easy – Old windows and doors require extensive maintenance just to function. Today’s windows and doors are more durable, making them easier to maintain. Some are even designed to make cleaning a breeze, like double-hung windows that tilt in.
  • Enhanced safety – Because of their enhanced durability, new windows and doors are more reliable. Most new products are also reinforced with better locking and security mechanisms.

  • Quieter home – Modern windows and doors offer better insulation, which blocks noise as well as heat. As a result, you’ll enjoy a quieter and more tranquil living space.
  • Improved aesthetics – With the right style and design, high-quality windows and doors can help improve curb and interior appeal.
  • Increased home value – Because of enhanced energy efficiency, comfort and looks that windows and doors help provide, your home will have better resale value.

The Makings of a Good Replacement Window or Door

To make sure that you reap these benefits, you need to choose the right products. When it comes to windows, it’s imperative that you choose durable, high-insulation framing. A good example would be Fibrex® from Renewal by Andersen®, a composite material that combines the durability and insulative ability of wood with the low-maintenance nature of vinyl.

You should also choose low-E glass, a type of glass coated with microscopically thin metallic oxide. This coating is specially designed to block UV rays and infrared heat from penetrating the glass without compromising the amount of visible light that’s admitted into your home.

Speaking of glass, you should also opt for double glass panes with inert gas fill, such as argon. The panes should be equipped with warm glass spacers and high-quality seals for maximum insulation.

Finally, make sure that you choose window and door styles that match your home’s design.

Meanwhile, replacement doors should be made of a high-insulation material to minimize heat transfer. Of course, you need to choose a door that is sturdy and durable — one that can’t be broken through easily. It should also have a secure locking mechanism to ensure ultimate protection and security.

Aside from durability and reliability, you should also look at a door’s maintenance requirements. Choose a door that will offer many years of excellent functionality without requiring much maintenance. Just like with windows, you should also choose a door that matches your home’s style.

The Contractor Factor

Now, the final key to ensuring window and door replacement success is to work with a contractor that is fully licensed and insured. It’s also best to hire a manufacturer-certified window and door replacement contractor and then see if their past customers recommend them as well. You should also check if the contractor you are interested in offers product warranties and workmanship guarantees and if they are approachable and organized.

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With the right products and contractor, you can reap many benefits from a window or door replacement. To learn more about the options available to you, talk to a reputable window and door expert in your area today!


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